Example sentences of "and give you " in BNC.

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1 Erm we 've done mileage and expenses claim forms and given you the bits and pieces .
2 And given you know just just a bit of help , be it financial or or erm housing or or help in terms of of contact and support and er you know having having people round you you can call on .
3 The erm point about are distribution within Greater York is that we have attempted to look at this in what I think is a a rational and realistic manner , we have looked , and you 'll see this from our supplementary paper , I apologize for its lateness , but I think it 's benefited from the additional thought that could be given to it , we have looked both backwards , at the present day , and forwards , we 've looked backwards at past build rates , we 've looked at the present day position in the sense of the population shares within Greater York , and we 've looked forwards in terms of the commitment figures that are given in the N Y one paper that we 've just been looking at , and taking all those things into account , and adding in what we see as the right location for a new settlement , namely Selby district , we come to the figures that are in our supplementary paper , and there is clearly a great deal of common ground between the evidence you get from looking either at past building rates or population shares , as now , or future commitments which all point towards a broadly similar distribution , we say , with the addition of a new feature namely the new settlement , so that I commend those figures to you as somebody who 's actually dared to put their toe , or maybe their whole body into the water , and given you not only some numbers , but also a basis by which if you should er have a different Greater York figure in mind , a basis on which that could be rationally er approached , I would not certainly defend to the last ditch the need to put a figure of fifty dwellings into the structure plan for the Hambledon part of Greater York , there may be a cut off point beyond which you do n't go , but certainly for Ryedale and Selby , with very substantial numbers there is a need to indicate what the appropriate division should be , and you could not for instance indicate what the er Ryedale non Greater York figure was , without someone telling us the , as the Chairman rightly said , having an idea of what the Ryedale Greater York figure should be , so it is n't really I think feasible to have district figures for non Greater York , and one Greater York figure , that does n't er get away from the issue , and nor does it solve the potential for confusion .
4 In actual fact , you see it , it 's , there 's quite a confusion , that they come for outline , and given you a
5 Explain to him how you feel and chat to his parents , who may rally round and give you the support he refuses to give you .
6 We 're going to make use of this moonless period , but we 'll try and give you a practice run over the ladder before the big night .
7 ‘ I 'll try and give you an example .
8 This exercise should help to clarify the kind of theoretical and practical knowledge you need to update and give you valuable insight into the nature of the job before you return to practice safely and enjoyably .
9 I 'll come and give you a kick if you do n't move faster ! ’
10 but they do sort of come in and give you some idea do n't they ?
11 ‘ Do you want me to come back and give you one of my special back rubs ?
12 Money never conspired between them , between , they just all would come down and give you a hand and that was it .
13 ‘ You 've got to wait for Doctor to come along and give you permission .
14 If in pain control , you were in control of your own pain , you have less than if it were a set wait every four hours for us to come and give you a tablet .
15 He would come here and give you a good , price for everything you wanted to sell . "
16 Ma'am , sir I should say , erm Mr makes certain comments about there are doubts about whether this scheme will go forward , we have been in contact with Department of Transport , again to try and give you the correct factual position .
17 Let me try and give you an example .
18 I 'll try and give you some back .
19 Oh they 're going to come and give you another quote or something you said ?
20 so I said right I 'll come down and give you a you a hand with it and it was the re-dedication or re-commissioning of a ship
21 Yeah okay well I 'll I 'll try and give you five minutes before eleven o'clock so er so you can nip over to the video room or wherever it 's being played .
22 So I 'll try and give you an idea some time tomorrow morning of the of the situation .
23 If you have n't , then , you ought to phone your local beat officer and get him to come along and give you a survey
24 She 'd , sh she 'd cancel and give you another appointment .
25 Basic discipline can save you hours of wasted time , preserve years of carefully built up data and give you peace of mind .
26 The way we look at it is , there 's people out there want to kill me , and the authorities let you in here and give you access to more than we will probably ever get .
27 Bought over the Post Office counter , postal orders are both traceable and give you a counterfoil to prove they have been sent .
28 Bought over the Post Office counter , postal orders are both traceable and give you a counterfoil to prove they have been sent .
29 Bought over the Post Office counter , postal orders are both traceable and give you a counterfoil to prove they have been sent .
30 If you could see your way to writing the first chapters of an autobiography I would be honoured to read it and give you my thoughts on the subject .
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