Example sentences of "the this [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 The potential instability of the this position was heightened by uncertainty over how the eventual losers would respond to defeat .
2 I was impressed by the specification of the this sack — especially considering the modest price .
3 They have to erm , first of all ask er R S P C A funding it , which is very much against anyway because I , I hate being humiliated by the this way .
4 You you never get to the this way did you ?
5 It 's part of the this way in which the computer can turn information over and over again for a different need .
6 St Edwards have already won the this year 's national schools championships in Nottingham , but one of that crew has had to drop out .
7 She used two the the this lady that took had the chickens and ready to put in the oven there .
8 And the new structure erm moves towards erm team working across the advice centre composes of three teams er and also , takes on the critical self managing team so that erm in terms of the this work and technical support that er , has in the past been offered by a team leader , er , team leader and advice centre manager that will be , in the future will be offered by a senior member of staff erm , for each other and for less experienced staff .
9 In 1995 , one in 3 qualified youing people will go to University ; that is the measure of the this Government 's commitment to higher education .
10 Ironically , the first three months of 1992 were the wettest in the this part of the country for many years , so that even the flowers in the desert , just a few miles inland , burst into bloom .
11 Well , as I say , er the this part of the meeting is now formally ended , and I 'm going to hand over to er Kay who will Chair the next session , er er which involves of course , as you 've seen , presentations by the N C V O senior staff .
12 the evidence that we 've found out already from C H C is that the operation of the N H S reforms has restrictive patient choice because crucially those referrals to London teaching hospitals which used to made as a matter of course if treatment is unable er , unavailable in Harlow have actually been largely stopped , I got the detailed figures from the purchasing director erm er , recently in the C F C minutes and it shows a miniscule number of patients being referred to London teaching hospitals erm , and this is clearly the reason as this points out in this paper that London teaching hospitals are in serious financial problems and four of them , indeed are being threatened with closure by the Tomlinson report and I think many patients in Harlow would much rather as er , people have pointed out , go to er , Middlesex and U C H , should they still exist than to go to Colchester and er , but this is this a key question , so on the the basis of the this consortium does n't meet those criticisms indeed , make the situation worse I move that we oppose it in principle that Vince reports on that line .
13 Well , the this friend of ours , the er , Director of Victims and Crime , er , we we have somebody at church who was burgled .
14 The this problem with the detector , it 's another level of subcontracting down and er if you you 're buying a piece of equipment of this kind from a a consortium er essentially you ca n't dictate to him precisely who he 's going to use to supply the components for that system and er it is the problem came to the notice of officials when the consortium came forward and and said look , we we 've got these terms in our contract er concerning detection range and so on and er we may not be able to meet those , er so we questioned the reasons and then of course they revealed that they were having problems with the supplier .
15 And this this we see , it 's er quite interesting , this you notice this bit here is not plastered , and this has not got these dimples , so we think that what actually happened is when they first did this the the the the this bit of the window was blocked up with wood or wattle and daub or something like that , and so it was a a a and then when then when the vestry came down this these stones were put in here to block it up again .
16 Erm I 'd like to make a point about the this question of an agricultural land quality criterion in the policy .
17 Er I was involved in the in the this battle that resulted in the breakthrough by the er by the er by Franco 's fascists , at , er
18 I think if you have mainly pain in there it 's much more likely to be a little bit of inflammation under the this tendon which goes from the muscle here over the top of the kneecap and attaches in there .
19 what we 're , what I 'm gon na do , I 'm gon na transfer the this afternoon , okay , so what money you full address of the account
20 Well it 'd be for the this angle if you extended it so it 'd be eight divided by the three sixty is n't it ?
21 Just to be clear , the , we talked here about er the funding and the , the need not to , to let this muddy the this committee 's own highway programme and I think we we 're aware of that .
22 It 's er good colours on the this stone bollard here .
23 Er , the this generator er ran into some development difficulties er a while ago and er Eurofighter chose , say I say , a a standby or an alternative generator which is suitable for the first three prototypes and er again the cost of that particular delay will fall to industry .
24 For for fourteen er years ago when I studied erm communications at one of the things he said was the Sun paragraph would be short short of twenty words , whereas the tabloids would probably qualities they er full size papers would probably be longer , but interestingly enough the this introduction the introduction of the story about Princess Diana in the Sun is the same length as introduction about the story of Princess Diana in the Independent .
25 Colonel with a K the this band , they used to , that they had from the tenth replacement depot used to come down and play at the Town Hall , and they they like I said before they were fellas on the way to join Glen the absolute ultimate musicians of America and it was why I 'm still today erm I 've got a big collection of jazz records and have always been interested in the big band sound .
26 This is the this thing
27 You know like like the this thing about every soldier having a a a field marshall 's baton in his knapsack .
28 then she said they 've been down at the this time of year
29 I hope you 've found the meeting this evening positive , I 'm sure you have n't heard perhaps if the people found after the this evening and the guy up there reckons we ought to retire , well I do n't think we will retire but I think we will be responding to the things that you raised this evening I happen to think the Harlow theatre I 'm not sure how you measure success , erm I think we measure it 's success in the fact that people actually do use the building , people do come to see the shows .
30 Erm what you need to do if you are re- employed er you need to let the Paymaster General 's Office know , and there is a form in the this leaflet asking you various questions .
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