Example sentences of "her [adv] to " in BNC.

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1 He moved in her slowly to the rhythm of the distant sea .
2 It had been the faintest of sounds , but it was enough to bring her slowly to her feet , alert and expectant .
3 What she saw brought her slowly to her feet .
4 Then he smiled into her eyes and lowered her slowly to her feet .
5 When Nora 's dress fell to her knees he pulled her swiftly to him , trying to lift her off the ground .
6 Hands gripped her shoulders and moved her gently to one side .
7 He led her gently to the sofa and sat down with her , holding her hand .
8 He would sit and hold her , rocking her gently to and fro as if she was a child whilst she , muttering gibberish , rubbed salt into his wound by believing he was the nobleman come back to claim her .
9 Wave after wave of a pleasure bordering on exaltation raised her gently to some peak , ebbed a little , then carried her up again , more fiercely than before .
10 He smiled slowly at her , standing up to come round the table and pull her gently to her feet and into his arms .
11 But Rohan 's arm was like a steel band round her waist , half lifting her from her feet , and carrying her inexorably to the door .
12 When Jenny learned next day about Brownies from the tall lady , whose name was Miss Clinton and who was a District Commissioner in the south of England , made her long to be one .
13 Not tightly enough to restrict the blood flow , but sufficient to make her long to be able to stretch .
14 If she went straight home now she would make it just in time to pick up her little daughter from her next-door neighbour 's and escort her personally to her appointment .
15 ‘ Your absence meant that I had her all to myself at breakfast — with the additional pleasure of escorting her personally to school . ’
16 And they despised her for it , some of them , and they feared her for it , most of them ; but she did not care , so long as they paid her enough to be drunk on until the need to kill was irresistible again .
17 Someone had hated her enough to
18 But even so , as Ven escorted her inside to where he had a table booked , she felt him a most potent force .
19 He welcomed her warmly to the microphone , ‘ one of the more promising younger women members ’ , and warned her of the amber and red lights .
20 I must have been jealous of her life away from me , and wished to have her entirely to myself .
21 ‘ You mean , he married her just to further his career ? ’
22 He guided her backwards to one of the posts which supported the roof .
23 Some of the same movements are repeated yet again in the final pas de deux , when the Prince raises her high above the glistening Stars before leading her away to the land where ‘ they lived happily ever after ’ , where all fairy tales should end .
24 He swung her away to the farthest end of the floor from the new arrivals .
25 At the age often , her talents had taken her away to Moscow where she had studied , married and made her home .
26 Ruth thought her aunt would have sat up all night to prolong the time with them , but her uncle — who had tried bravely all day to behave as though nothing untoward was happening — put his arms around his wife 's shoulders and led her away to bed .
27 ‘ You could send her away to a school . ’
28 Mrs Reed said calmly , ‘ Take her away to the red room and lock her in there . ’
29 And she 'd to go to , to get her into the pony and cart and get her away to the doctor 's and get it stitched and , oh boy .
30 Apparently Richard thought so , too , for after a moment he led her away to the bar .
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