Example sentences of "may be [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Meanwhile a similar experiment in Belgium suggests that the contribution of petrol exhaust to body-lead may be between 50 and 60 per cent .
2 ICAM-1 expression is only seen , however , in cells that have already undergone some degree of activation and therefore the actual initial adhesion event supporting antigen presentation to the antigen receptor may be between LFA-1 and ICAM-3 .
3 Equally , during the summer months ( when the Euro Disneyland Theme Park is open until late at night ) the return to your hotel may be between 9 and 10pm .
4 Consensus theorists allocated a very important role to values ; whatever differences in expected behaviour there may be between different groups within a society they consider that a general consensus on the most significant values — central values — must exist for any society to operate satisfactorily .
5 For the good student , therefore , there is nothing more important in examination technique than dividing up his time as equally as may be between all the questions .
6 Sometimes these disputes may be between large private organizations when companies argue about the terms of a commercial contract .
7 After all , when one recognizes the different types of interrelationships which can exist , the linkages may be between SBUs in quite different industries .
8 In principle the choices may be between people , objects , events , processes or structures .
9 A short statement of the definition would be this : grammar deals with closed system choices which may be between items ( this , that , he , she , we ) or between categories ( singular , plural ; past , present , future ) ; lexis is concerned with open set choices , which are always between items ( chair , bench , seat , stool ) .
10 Such comparisons may involve other individuals or may be between one group and another .
11 Bullfighting may be about grace and beauty , a poetic dance between man and beast , but it all comes down to the kill .
12 whatever disagreement there may be about size , there can be no doubt that this sector will not disappear easily and there is every evidence to show that with the economic crises of the 1980s , it has been increasing .
13 The issue may be about an undesirable friendship , being out late at night , buying a motor bike , drinking alcohol , and so on . .
14 Wittgenstein refers to ‘ the idea that language always functions in one way , always serves the same purpose : to convey thoughts — which may be about houses , pains , good and evil , or anything else you please . ’
15 They are usually " top down " decisions taken by nurses at district or unit level which , in terms of the workforce , may be about deciding how many nurses it is possible to " squeeze out of a budget or how to negotiate around a budget to obtain a particular number of nurses .
16 Whatever perplexities there may be about ontology ( that is , about the nature of the reality described ) there is no perplexity whatever about the procedures .
17 Whatever doubts there may be about Edward 's commitment to crusade , none can be entertained of John XXII's , for he did all that he could to bring England to a state of peace and Edward to the point of departure .
18 The question , however , may be about control as much as learning .
19 Whatever reservations there may be about individual decisions from time to time , the basic premise that most planning decisions should be taken locally has never been seriously challenged .
20 It may be about that .
21 We will print three thousand of these may be per year
22 Watership Down may be up the road , but Basingstoke proved no rabbits .
23 Loyalty bonuses for disloyal players , bloated payments to executives , contracts which give managers shares of transfer fees and other salary innovations may be above the law but they are rooted in the same dark subsoil which nourishes numerous rackets and scams .
24 There is then not only a relative gap to be filled , in these new terms , but also , from the quality of some of the work on the arts carried out from other positions , a sense of challenge : indeed a sense that it may be above all in this still major area that the qualities of the kinds of thinking represented by the contemporary convergence stand most to be tested .
25 Thus , a glacial terrace profile may be above the interglacial or Post-glacial profile upstream and below it downstream : the terrace profiles , in fact , cross ( Fig. 9.9 ) .
26 They may be above the age of criminal responsibility but children aged between ten and 14 are presumed not to know the difference between right and wrong , therefore incapable of committing an offence .
27 ‘ Following the recent substantial reduction in interest rates M0 growth may be above its monitoring range in the period ahead .
28 He was apparently found to be running a temperature , but after a long season of competing in the best company , he may be past his best .
29 Unfazed by the fact that we may be off making a cuppa when his big moment hits the screens , Des has set his sights on playing James Bond in Goldblender , perhaps ?
30 So , if you are not aware of your environment and purposeful in your movements you may be off balance ; this will cause many of your muscles needlessly to work harder .
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