Example sentences of "just [verb] to " in BNC.

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1 That 's er , about one fifty for one as long you get the right size and then just , just tear to whatever thing .
2 As can properly be said , the answer just given to the logical question rests essentially on an explained notion of lawlike connection .
3 Another example of Portia 's dishonesty is shown when she tests Bassanio with the ring she had just given to him .
4 Okay is there anybody else that you would need to talk to about the recommendations that I 've just given to you ?
5 When they get hold of me twice in the one day you say hang on I 've just given to you the bus !
6 I was barefoot and cold ; all I had on were my underpants and my dressing gown which , by this time , was just ripped to shreds .
7 In point of fact , when radical theorists invoke ‘ politics ’ they mean Marxist politics , in the paradoxically timeless fashion I have just referred to .
8 The answer is that we can , without using intuition , speculation or hearsay concerning Z , prove that Z , C and M are logical consequences of the axioms A1 through to I. Now whilst algebraists do not regard it as their prime duty to reduce all such sets of axioms to a minimum size , it is part of an algebraist 's function to investigate consequences of axioms such as those just referred to .
9 That would sustain what eh Bishop has just referred to , the grass roots of , of this movement .
10 The two unusual inscriptions , just referred to , were evidently passed by the Council on its own sole initiative , and did not reach the Assembly : they record an alliance with Eretria , and honours for Dionysius I of Syracuse .
11 This attitude to non-verbal communication has been encouraged by the popularisation of right-brain left-brain studies and amongst those who sponsor the soft primitivism that I have just referred to it is widely assumed that the verbal capabilities of the left cerebral hemisphere have been over-developed by a culture which puts too much emphasis on linguistic finesse and that the expressive repertoire of the supposedly holistic right hemisphere has been dangerously neglected as a consequence .
12 The transactions just referred to of the executors , his assignees , in relation to the lease bind him , in my judgment , in a question with the plaintiff as if they had been carried out by himself .
13 The Group 's largest and longest established operation is in oil-rich Kuwait , a small but strategically placed country at the top of what used to be known as the Persian gulf — now politically just referred to as the gulf .
14 The words ‘ unconditional contract ’ therefore do not mean a contract without conditions in the sense just referred to , i.e. important terms of the contract ( see Chapter 7 ) .
15 My hon. Friend has just referred to the car industry 's exports during the past few years , and especially this year , which reflect the quality of the product and the improvements in manufacturing technology .
16 The Secretary of State has just referred to the number of social workers .
17 To get us to the sustainable financial position I have just referred to , we have accelerated the pace of implementing our strategy of focusing our assets , increasing our cost-efficiency and improving our performance .
18 It 's for those reasons , sir , that the City Council feels that it can no longer support the proposed proposals for new settlement , just to come to your question about the issue of scale , I am not able to define what er small is in P P G three , it 's obviously been left deliberately vague , but I would draw your attention to the Ucwetec T P A study I 've just referred to which makes it quite clear in their terms that to be self contained in transport terms the nearest any settlement ne really needs to be in excess of twenty thousand people .
19 as far as the committee was concerned there is they 've taken a decision on the preferred route , but we did as I 've just referred to in the earlier work , er we did assess that erm and that showed again er that the traffic would n't transfer from the A sixty one onto a southern bypass and a inner northern relief road .
20 You were just pandering to prejudices — ‘
21 And unless you answer that question , you 're just pandering to people 's emotions .
22 Moira is convinced that ‘ at this stage there was no conscious effort to recreate the past in the styles — one thing just led to another — but there was in terms of the prints ; with old reference books proving far and away the best place to find ideas . ’
23 ‘ I am sorry to hear this ’ ( 346 ) , Iago says , having just exulted to us , en clair , that will ever restore to him his peace and quiet ( 328ff . ) .
24 They just tend to be more intense in stepfamilies . ’
25 Local elections just tend to be national reflect the national concerns , issues or reflects the unpopularity of the government pa of the governing party or whatever , yeah .
26 I thought , ‘ Here is this man who just begs to be loved , and who just wants to be a handsome , gorgeous leading man , ’ but who really was not .
27 Indeed , the company is just drawing to the end of a five- year £150 million capital investment programme .
28 Erm Erm erm I wonder if you could just explain to us as to Manchester public in general , benefits of subsidiarity
29 These can be particularly important on the sea where the tide is not just limited to movements up and down but also currents which flow in and out of bays and estuaries .
30 ‘ The problem is worldwide , not just limited to goods from the Far East , and is rife within Europe , ’ says Anthea Worsdall , secretary of the Anti-Counterfeiting Group .
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