Example sentences of "just been [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Diana arrived at Sandringham that weekend having just been through a most traumatic period .
2 Harry Enfield has just been through a tough day auditioning people for his new BBC comedy series .
3 CONTACT GROUPS These are usually for people who have a particular social problem in common or have just been through a similar trauma , like divorce or bereavement .
4 Finding a lone man amid open ocean is doubtful at the best of times , and we had just been through the densest fog bank either one of us had ever experienced .
5 ‘ We 've just been through all that !
6 ‘ We 've just been through a decade where we watched surface responsibility get peeled away from a lot of people and institutions . ’
7 Yeah I 've just been through there .
8 We was in this railway station and Marie had just been to the dentist .
9 He 's just been to France to talk about Brando .
10 Dear Guitarist I feel I must put pen to paper , having just been to an excellent ‘ 30 Years of Jim Marshall ’ evening here in Copenhagen , Denmark .
11 People ring up about the match they 've just been to and complain or say who they think should be the next England manager , etc .
12 ‘ But I have just been to America , where England will play a big tournament next summer against the US , Brazil and Germany .
13 Clare had just been to the lavatory , which , she claimed , was a significant experience .
14 I 'VE just been to court for the first time in my life at 74 , because my local council said I owed them £63 for my wife 's poll tax during 1991–92 .
15 Q My 3-year-old mongrel has just been to the vet to have his teeth cleaned , as a checkup revealed that he had dental problems .
16 He 's drug-free , he 's just been to hospital , y'know , he 's got the kids , if he goes away , the kids 'll end up in a home , which was the biggest factor really .
17 He had just been to the Palace to kiss hands as Prime Minister for the second time .
18 She wore a large white straw hat and looked as if she 'd just been to church .
19 I understand that my right hon. Friend has just been to Oman , so perhaps he can give the House some information .
20 Mrs Ditchburn had just been to her local shops at Cotteslow to buy her great-grandson a birthday card when she was set upon .
21 Yeah , okay , I 've just been to Asda so kids are on the way to put the bits of shopping in the van , alright , cos I got 'em some cereal and some bread and I 'll bring up the toaster , they can take the toaster with 'em for a while and oh there is , is there ?
22 We 've just been to Nursery .
23 No , we 've just been to B and M Bargains , Lyndsey said , oh God !
24 I 've just been to the physio before I came here .
25 Just been to a friend 's house and he 's given me a nice cup of tea and a little drop of brandy and that I did enjoy it
26 Just been to stupid Nettos , do you know you ca n't cash a cheque ?
27 Most of you wo n't remember the time , and I certainly do n't , some of you will , you 'll be familiar with the er , healing accounts , seeing pictures on , er either in magazines or on the television news , in in old news reels , of that time when Neville Chamberlain stepped out of an aeroplane , and he 's just been to Germany and , and had a meeting with Hitler .
28 Mark and I have just been for a walk beyond Dalseattie , which was nice until the mist came down and began to make us rather damp .
29 And when I asked his orchestra 's publicist if Daniel Barenboim would really want to be interviewed immediately after such a lengthy spell of high-altitude incarceration , she said : ‘ He came in by Concorde , he 's just been on a two-week skiing trip with his family in Switzerland — believe me , he 'll be just fine . ’
30 I mean , alright a few mad things happened and everything and when I came home I was whacked because we 'd just been on a big adventure theme park for a month .
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