Example sentences of "time this [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Expect me some time this afternoon .
2 hello , taking tea some time this afternoon .
3 And I suppose being predictable about it all , I better play this for you if you 're on your way to an aerobics keep fit class some time this afternoon , or this evening .
4 Will my right hon. Friend take time this afternoon to watch the recent interview by Mr. David Frost , which revealed the success of the Government 's health service provisions , and also that the Opposition 's figures are totally bogus ?
5 I was disappointed that the Home Secretary spent so much of his time this afternoon outlining a few examples of asylum seekers who have been proved to be lying .
6 ‘ He says he 's free any time this afternoon . ’
7 All right , Ellis , I expect I can find time this afternoon .
8 And the timetable for that will be going out on the , the noticeboard some time this afternoon .
9 Erm well I 'm suppose to hear some time this afternoon er when I get back now
10 That was the second time this afternoon he had mentioned Seville and that was a bit of a coincidence .
11 There was a competition , and the winner saw his work in situ for the first time this afternoon .
12 But Mr Major was expected to face stormy Commons scenes as he came under more pressure during Prime Minister 's question time this afternoon .
13 But Mr Major was expected to face stormy Commons scenes as he came under more pressure during Prime Minister 's question time this afternoon .
14 Some time this afternoon ?
15 no I ai n't really got time this afternoon
16 Erm would I be able to come and see you to er any time this afternoon about my project ?
17 Cambridge were left high and dry for a time this afternoon as Oxford followed in the footsteps of many a champion boxer and left the opposition waiting at the official weigh-in .
18 The Labour leader wants Mrs Thatcher to address the House ; the Prime Minister says her Chancellor John Major should do it , at Question Time this afternoon , Mr Kinnock brought the matter up again .
19 Today that beacon shines more strongly than at any time this century .
20 What with Mrs Clements and the girls also gone for the week , I suppose I was very conscious of the fact that once I departed , Darlington Hall would stand empty for probably the first time this century — perhaps for the first time since the day it was built .
21 With Britain 's other 1500 metres hope , Kevin McKay , also missing out , we do n't have a runner in the final for only the second time this century .
22 For the second time since the 19th century the value of the try has been changed and for the second time this century the drop goal value has been altered .
23 He teaches you how to write wonderful , metaphysical narratives , but they could have been written any time this century .
24 For the first time this century , population and economic growth in non-metropolitan America is exceeding population growth in metropolitan America .
25 ‘ We want to make it to the restaurant some time this century ! ’ she heard him informing her .
26 The decision in 1990 by Britain to join the ERM was , indeed , not the first time this century that she has tried to defend herself from the possible consequences of wrong decisions by her own politicians by linking herself to those made by politicians in another country , through the mechanism of a fixed or managed exchange rate .
27 ‘ By the time this century is finished — the whole planet , well , little Willmouse will live to see it , let's hope …
28 Veljko Kadijevic , the National Defence Minister , in a speech to the Collective State Presidency , responding to the EC peace plan , accused Germany of " being about to attack Yugoslavia for the third time this century , … preparing first for an economic and then a military assault " .
29 The decline in British hedgerows may be slowing for the first time this century , thanks to schemes to subsidise hedge planting .
30 It is only the second time this century that a school of sperm whales has been seen in the waters around Orkney .
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