Example sentences of "have [vb pp] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 We must have sensed that war was inevitable , as Birtwistle and myself had two feverish years in ‘ 38/'39 , when we made many hard ( in those days ) ascents , including a few pioneering routes .
2 In view of the fact that £20 constituted the base line for richer taxpayers , it is difficult to explain why mere husbandmen , who typically were small farmers , should have formed three-quarters of the £20-£39 class , far outnumbering yeomen , businessmen , and even gentlemen .
3 You may feel that as you make your notes immediately following the interview there will be points which you may like to clarify , particularly in a panel interview where different people may have formed different impressions .
4 ‘ Those things must have implanted some sort of image in their mind , stimulated the right emotions to make them do it . ’
5 Those kids we saw have assassinated all hope .
6 The two enquiries above clearly have a common source — delays at the DHSS — but the bureaux recording system would not have highlighted that difficulty .
7 16.2 The Proprietor agrees to indemnify the Publisher against loss injury or damage ( including all legal costs and expenses and any compensation costs and disbursements paid by the Publisher to compromise or settle any claim ) occasioned to the Publisher by any claim action or threatened proceedings arising out of a breach or violation of the above warranty provided that the Publisher shall have given prompt written notice to the Proprietor of any such claim , action or threatened proceedings upon its becoming aware of same and provided the Publisher shall have given the Proprietor the option , at the Proprietor 's discretion , to defend such claim , action or threatened proceedings himself .
8 Since the citation counts here refer only to the thesis itself , and not to derived publications , this particular difficulty has not been encountered , but a citation count on derived publications would have given inaccurate results , as shown in the earlier discussion on joint publication of papers related to research topics .
9 The odds cited above would have given little comfort to the man in Kurunagala who , during a rash of cattle thefts , had to pay a ransom for the same animal seven times before finally selling it for the paltry sum of two rupees .
10 Subjects may instead simply have given good estimates of the risk which they would have felt had they been actually present in the situations .
11 The lass is right , she thought — in her place , I would have given much the same answer .
12 I would have given much to meet him at Elsfield during one of his fleeting visits : indeed there was no one I would have been more interested to meet .
13 If you 'd been tossed around in the eddies down there I would n't have given much for your chances . ’
14 Not many teams beat the City on their own ground … and early on you would n't have given much of a price on United …
15 With the already established public accounts committee , this would have given four such bodies , each with a salaried chairman , and the Catholics were to be given two of the chairs with the committees being made up to reflect parliamentary seats .
16 Such relative uniformity may also have given greater cohesion to the Angevin Empire , for its major towns from Rouen to La Rochelle and Bayonne shared the Etablissements .
17 ‘ And here lies Aldhelm , who could have given that brother a face and a name , beyond any question .
18 I , I , I would n't have given that a chance , I must admit I would never have backed it .
19 John Smith tried to kill off such speculation by emphasising that in a general election last week 's results would have given Labour a majority of 87 .
20 KOMEI Sugawara 's letter and Norm Hadley 's words — like Ian Williams ' in his book ‘ In Touch ’ — must have given worldwide rugby fans another view of Japanese rugby .
21 John Urquhart 's article ‘ Polonium : Windscale 's most lethal legacy ’ ( 31 March , p 883 ) must have given many of its readers the impression that polonium is an abnormal constituent of man 's environment and with an impact that is therefore unpredictable .
22 The dinner would have given many motoring journalists their first chance to see the new Mondeo model , which will replace the Sierra .
23 But though Rolle 's sincerity is not in question , his account would have given many people cause for concern .
24 UNLU would not have given such a warning had it not feared how the PLO outside might behave .
25 Huy wondered whether that eldest daughter , who worked as Reni 's secretary , had helped him destroy the documents he drew up during Akhenaten 's reign , which would have given such priceless ammunition to his enemies , before turning his attention to the newcomers .
26 Our constituents were horrified that the media should have given such a person a platform , and that the father 's attitude was so wholly irresponsible .
27 The crises of 1947 and 1949 might have given strong impetus to planning .
28 That in turn might have given wider diplomatic and political options a chance .
29 This Act of 1806 may well have given young Ben the final push he needed : in that or the following year he packed his bags for good , waved his loving sisters a fond farewell , and set off for London , fame and fortune .
30 In the same period , kin links were an important mechanism for recruiting labour , and so living in the parental household would have given young people increased chances of finding work , as well as providing them with accommodation which they might not have been able to afford on their own .
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