Example sentences of "could [adv] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 The peaks of these helmets , however , were sharpened up with the aid of a file and ‘ nutting ’ someone whilst wearing such a weapon , he claimed , could literally chop their head off .
2 No wonder , Blanche realised , Swod could only pinion his face into the imitation of a smile .
3 Aisha 's insistent words in the grain store , as she shook her gold earrings and the bangles on her wrist , urging me to stay at home , but I could only gaze at her shoes and marvel at how exactly they matched her handbag .
4 ‘ Why — is he going away quite soon ? ’ asked Felicity in dismay , and Breeze could only gaze at her in astonishment .
5 Since it was Dane 's name on the hoardings which had sold out the theatre on opening night and for several weeks to come , Josh 's kindness brought a painful lump to her throat , and she could only gaze at him in mute gratitude .
6 Startled , Theda could only gaze at him .
7 She could not look away , could only gaze back at him , wondering what he sought .
8 For a second she could only gaze at him , completely at a loss .
9 Stephen Pears made a fine save but could only palm the ball into the path of Steve Butler .
10 But on forty one minutes it was Milton who took the lead as new signee from A E R Harwell , Robbie Munn , was on hand to slide the ball home from close range as Matt Utteridge in the Bishops ' goal could only palm away Nigel Mott 's probing cross to send Milton in at the interval leading by a goal to nil .
11 His price could soon rocket if Blackburn challenge Leeds and Arsenal for his signature .
12 As for his arm , she decided , it could just fester and drop off as far as she was concerned .
13 He could just beef-up .
14 But , you know you could just George .
15 If I just knew where he was prepared to stand and then could just sort of do the things round about .
16 I mean if you were being really dangerous and you wanted to die soon you could just sort of get a piece of bare wire and
17 You could just sort of tuck it in here under her waistband .
18 If he hurried he could easily cycle to the barrow , make a thorough search , and be back in his bed before the household started to stir at 7 .
19 The Board could easily stage and manage any world cup through its own , almost unlimited resources .
20 In the hills above the ruins of Capernaum near the Mount of Beatitudes we stopped at a natural grassy amphitheatre which could easily seat 10,000 .
21 But they had no-one to explain the uses of what they learned and knowledge of itself could easily overbalance a carefully structured society .
22 During the next 60 seconds it will induce feelings of warmth.You will feel as if you have everything you could possibly want.Let these feelings fill your whole consciousness.These effects are n't permanent .
23 Do you have any recollections of any particular disputes and maybe an answer that you could possibly sort of , make a few comments on whether you felt the the procedures were worked out so finely that they in fact prevented disputes because they were so long and drawn out perhaps or er it took the fire out of disputes if you like ?
24 Those who thought it would fall to pieces within 5000 miles were confounded , even if those who hoped it would sail the test with BMW-like dependability could hardly crow about its reliability record .
25 Yet he could hardly finesse or cost-cut his way out of a serious downturn there .
26 I think you have to evolve , develop quite a lot of detective sense , to meet people , to imagine where could further letters be that would help me , and you have to charm your way virtually into those houses , and persuade the people erm to let you look at Grandfather 's letters in the trunk in the attic .
27 Nevertheless , local newspaper reports say Peking is concerned that this could further fuel calls for greater democracy in Hong Kong , where the British government now seems more committed to increasing the pace of political reform .
28 He was accustomed to conventional envy from some of his contemporaries ( although it could still distress him — Joseph Chiari recalls him leaving a party in Edinburgh because of the atmosphere of jealousy which he sensed there ) .
29 How could more money be found to support the proposed and alternative schemes under the Regulation ?
30 It described how there had been a fifty percent increase in food poisoning cases in district year and then it went on to say that it , it was largely , it was thought that that increase was largely because of the increased publicity which the council had been given hygiene training , and saying how many people had been trained , and how the Health Committee was being asked to provide more resources so there could more courses even , even more courses in the following year .
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