Example sentences of "can then [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Another advantage of being able to tie the punt to stakes so that it remains still is that you can then leger fish , which is otherwise impossible to do correctly due to the punt swinging around and giving false bites .
2 Now if you 're a majority party you can instruct officers to come up with a specially paid reduction pol you pay for the policy , so you can then structure the system or look at the service and come up with a reduction , come up with an expansion
3 The young programmer can then type SQUARE 10 or SQUARE 100 to produce squares of different sizes .
4 So I said well you know , I ca n't just wind it up over the next six months , I said er what I wan na do I said is erm I got ta carry it on for that transit for that Orion till I finished anyway so it 's got ta go another year so I said well what I 'm feeling about doing I said is er just sort of keeping a finger in the pie I said , he said , if I 'd said tomorrow , if I had finished the whole the tomorrow I 've got ta buy a car I can buy it finance so I 'm gon na get no tax relief on the H P I get no depreciation no nothing like that I said so at least if I still self employed I can if I have the sort of two or three vehicles or whatever three , four , five vehicles but I said at least I can have some erm and I can then sort of they would be more utilised , where as I said at the moment we got more vehicles than we really need to keep full capacity so he said yeah , yeah fair enough then .
5 You can then book , confirm and finalise the details of your holiday on the spot .
6 No I do n't think either erm The whole emphasis of Homeworks is to learn things there which we can then bolt on to the main chain , I 'll be absolutely amazed if in fact Homeworks manages to drive anywhere near the amount of customers through it that M F I does or the problem we had in Yeovil is because it is a very rural area a is not having the M F I name above the door so no that is not the intention .
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