Example sentences of "can not be " in BNC.

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1 The support our volunteers provide can not be measured in purely practical terms and their continuing contribution is vital if we are to provide an ongoing service .
2 The personal characters of artists can not be infallibly deduced from their work .
3 Reproduced to a uniform size on the printed page , sculptures which are monumental in size can not be distinguished from those which are mere studies or maquettes .
4 The reader may be disappointed by the standard of what is written , but unlike other sites of criticism , this can not be attributed to the form of publication , only to the limitations of the author .
5 A picture that affects one thus can not be a bad picture .
6 One of Wolfe 's targets is the critic Greenberg , about whom an apologist has gravely asserted : ‘ The significance of Clement Greenberg can not be overestimated .
7 A fragment from an altarpiece can not be appraised in just the same way as an independent portrait ; and a craftsman 's skill is esteemed more accurately when the materials used are rightly identified .
8 He says of the liberals that they were placed in a predicament by the fall : ‘ A democracy can not be imposed by force , the majority must favour it , yet the majority wanted what Khomeini wanted — an Islamic republic . ’
9 The suggestion that democracy can not be imposed by force has the force of a generalisation .
10 Amateur theatre flourishes almost everywhere , and when you 're beginning it can not be stressed too strongly that it is desirable to obtain some actual stage experience before jumping into the big pool of drama school , or even summer school .
11 He sets up long , colourful and emotional speeches that are in turn both funny , beautiful and violent , and his work can not be compared with anything that has preceded him .
12 It can not be ; it is impossible :
13 I think we have to remember at all times that we belong to a profession in which there can not be qualifications .
14 As Liberty and Tyranny have no common meeting place , so protestantism and popery can not be reconciled … popery is tyrannical in every sphere of life … protestantism , at a stroke , cuts down all the shackles of superstition and priestcraft .
15 The conclusion to the argument will be that there is a specific form of violence of a political kind outside of state control which can not be reduced to crime .
16 It would appear that the popular religious consciousness makes a distinction between violence against the Southern state , whose statehood can not be questioned , and violence for liberation in the North .
17 Part of the overall argument of this book is that , as the Roman catholic church is principal validator or legitimator of the Southern state along with the concept of the national entity , what that state goes on to do in the field of social ethics can not be separated out from the responsibilities of the church .
18 This is something for which surveys , including that of Greeley and Rossi , are not and can not be intended .
19 By the same token , he wrote , in the imagination there can not be movement .
20 It can not be known beforehand , he wrote .
21 The word can not be spoken , he wrote .
22 But that can not be .
23 A little fuss at the time can not be avoided , he wrote , that is obvious .
24 It can be made , he wrote , but it can not be thought .
25 Hops can not be grown north of the border and the cost of importing them from England means they are used more sparingly .
26 It has also set out some rules about which menu items can or can not be increased in price .
27 Arthur Price chairman John Price says : ‘ 13/0 certainly looks as bright and as cheerful as 18/8 but after it has been in use for a short while it goes dull and then grey and , after a year or so , stains and pitmarks develop which can not be removed . ’
28 During a recession , the public can not be blamed for watching pennies in the hope that pounds wo n't disappear quite so quickly , but most Britons eat to live rather than living to eat , no matter how the economy is doing .
29 We can not be certain .
30 Granting that the Beowulf reference , though tantalisingly close to unambiguity , can not be unequivocally accepted as a primary source for Hercule Poirot , the directness of the next reference brooks no denial .
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