Example sentences of "can not say " in BNC.

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1 Whether Leonard shares the old belief that the spice-box also honours Adam , who was supposed to have been bestowed with a ‘ higher soul ’ on the Sabbath , we can not say .
2 The verification process is going on , but we can not say whether it 's going to be completed by any particular time .
3 Wapping : I can not say , my Lord .
4 How long-term those viewing and listening habits were we can not say .
5 It is required to know what the relationship is between A and E , choosing from : greater than ; less than ; equal to ; can not say .
6 One can not say the same for those films which make specific connections between earlier events in British history and now .
7 Mr Tony Brighton , the TGWU 's representative at RAF Stafford , said : ‘ We can not say whether the presence of the RAF ambulance would have made any difference to saving a life , but there was delay . ’
8 He can not reverse the rule of Common Law ; he can not interfere — at least directly — with proceedings in the Common Law Court ; he can not say that the legal owner is not the legal owner .
9 We can not say that having faith in Christ makes life easy .
10 So here is mystery with a vengeance — we seem to have the attractive idea that Christ died for you and me , he went to the utmost limit for us , he gave everything away , and in some mysterious and tantalizing fashion he took my sin and yours upon himself , but we can not say to whom the price was paid !
11 You can not say that you are a neglected invalid .
12 Alas , I can not say whether Mr Roirbak has had time to examine them yet . ’
13 In the first place , we can not say that the coins recovered from a site , whether by excavation or otherwise , represent a cross-section of coins in use on that site , even though it is generally true that coins are dropped in proportion to the amount of times they are handled or passed from hand to hand .
14 Third , we can not say anything about the nature of an individual site from its coins unless we have a typical pattern of coin loss for comparison .
15 ‘ I can not say , ’ he smirked .
16 She is pleasant enough but how reliable I can not say and I am not depending on her for the birth .
17 ‘ I really can not say , Wilson .
18 I can not say what that last sentence signifies except that , as is apparent elsewhere in the book , Mr Nikiforuk dislikes rich people .
19 Disappointingly , the policemen took no notice of the blood , but drove off in the direction the robbers had taken , with what result I can not say .
20 ‘ I can not say much on the telephone .
21 What they belong to I can not say .
22 One can not say , for instance , that the artist 's portrait is serious but the wallpaper on which the picture hangs is not , or vice versa .
23 ‘ I can not say precisely how long the blade was , but I think you will agree that it is legitimate to deduce its length , from a progressive diminution in the width of the wound .
24 I can not say that I care for these self-perpetuating societies . ’
25 I can not say that they were happy days , but they taught me what life is about .
26 ‘ I can not say , sir .
27 For the first twenty minutes or so of motoring , I can not say I was seized by any excitement or anticipation at all .
28 He can not say where he is going or why he has to leave , except to admit :
29 ‘ But I can not say what I am not . ’
30 We can not say what the outcome of a meeting of the Defence Committee might have been , or whether the course of events would have been altered if it had met in September 1981 ; but , in our view , it could have been advantageous , and fully in line with Whitehall practice , for Ministers to have reviewed collectively at that time , or in the months immediately ahead , the current negotiating position ; the implications of the conflict between the attitudes of the Islanders and the aims of the Junta ; and the longer-term policy options in relation to the dispute .
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