Example sentences of "can not [verb] " in BNC.

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1 In 22 the Poet is so much a part of the Friend that he can not age , himself , ‘ So long as youth and thou are of one date ’ .
2 He is microcephalic , blind , has severe curvature of the spine , scoliosis , no speech , can not walk and weighs 3 ½ stone .
3 But they can not walk from reserve to reserve without going through cities .
4 If the patient can not walk or be transported safely to the kitchen or the dining room , you have to bring the food to him .
5 If the patient can not walk at all , you should have a special wheelchair for outdoor use ; while an indoor wheelchair has large back wheels and relatively thin tyres , the outdoor version may have four small wheels with thick fat tyres , which should be kept pumped up to the correct pressure .
6 If the patient can not walk , he may still be able to go out independently in a wheelchair .
7 One of these dairy cows develops severe leg problems to the point where it can not walk .
8 A situation exists where citizens have to alter their behaviour to ensure their safety ; children can not walk to school , it is too dangerous to ride a bicycle , and the elderly or disabled can not cross the road quickly enough .
9 The problem here is that , since one needs to be in place long before sunrise , in order to prepare for the shot , one can not walk directly to the site .
10 But then no foreigner is ever going to tell me I can not walk on my country 's hills .
11 The problem here is that , since one needs to be in place long before sunrise , in order to prepare for the shot , one can not walk directly to the site .
12 You can not walk on a cloud ! "
13 You can not walk two steps here without bumping into a café , being slapped in the face by restaurant smells , or meeting a shop selling something absolutely scrumptious .
14 You can walk away but I can not walk away .
15 If they heard a knock at the door or if they heard shouting and bawling in the street , but there 's nothing they can do what we 're asking for here is and I 'm asking for support is a phone to the people who can not afford one whereas if they hear something they can phone the police , or they can phone the support unit because are two people staying together in this day and age where they can not walk in the streets they 're attacked even in broad daylight going to get their pensions never mind at night-time .
16 ‘ I can not walk away unless you ask me to go . ’
17 Says one critic : ‘ You can not advertise shame , ’ says one critic , ‘ and you can not walk up to a prostitute and say ‘ Hey , you , walk off the streets and join other prostitutes in farming ’ . ’
18 I refer especially to the case of a constituent , a boy who can not walk , talk , feed himself or do anything for himself , and will never be any different , as a result of meningitis at the age of three .
19 Now she can not work , she can not walk , she can not drive and she is dependent on family , friends and professional carers .
20 You can not walk past them if you 're going in that way .
21 At present British single mothers can not pass on their citizenship to children born abroad , nor can married women pass on their citizenship to children from abroad with non-UK fathers .
22 Another disadvantage is that boats can not pass each other during the locking through . ’
23 This merely enables the local authority to rely on the private law concepts relating to the passing of the burden of covenants attached to land , i.e. the burden of a covenant can not pass to successors in title at common law , Austerberry v Oldham Corporation , and only restrictive covenants , as opposed to positive covenants may pass under the equitable rules , first proposed in Tulk v Moxhay .
24 But these of course must be straight , because the light beam can not pass round corners .
25 The rabbits have many escape routes along which the ferrets can not pass .
26 The smallest hint of irregularity can not pass unnoticed . ’
27 As a recent survey by the Management Information Centre showed , 70% of small and medium sized practices around the country find audits increasingly unprofitable as a result of the costs of audit regulation — which they can not pass on to clients — combined with client pressure on fees .
28 Thus the double layer moves more slowly than the average and so yet more growth layers pile up behind it and can not pass .
29 I could never visit Kyle of Lochalsh without feeling an impelling urge to go across to Skye , and now , in writing this book , which was originally intended to be about the mainland only , I find that I simply can not pass the island by without a further look at its highlight , the Black Cuillin .
30 So even a very episodic role for political leaders assumes a wider significance , given that elected political leaders can not pass the buck for crisis decisions to any alternative source of authority in a liberal democracy .
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