Example sentences of "can be [prep] " in BNC.

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1 However , their use to the d-i-yer can be worth the £50–£100 investment .
2 Under such circumstances a ticket can be worth less to its owner than to somebody else ; if so , a sale will benefit both parties .
3 And once in your hand , a patent can be worth its weight in diamonds — so treat it with care and remember the case of Walter Hunt .
4 Today , the rarest US election buttons can be worth more than £7,500 .
5 Lorries go from £50 to £1,000 and rare pre-war Dinkys can be worth even more .
6 It 's surprising just how much that interest can be worth to you over the full period of your course .
7 By contrast , a small saving in purchasing costs can be worth considerably more in terms of equivalent sales value .
8 Although the formula means that the higher the validity the greater the return , it also means that selection tests can be worth using even when their validity is low , so long as their cost is also low .
9 But if a passage you have written seems confused , yet you think it says basically what you want it to say , it can be worth moving elements by changing around active and passive constructions ( or experimenting with cleft and pseudo-cleft constructions , which are described above , Chapter 3 , p. 64 ) .
10 The Deer can be worth anything from £200 for a hind , to £500 for a mature stag .
11 Occasionally , it can be worth while to vary the style .
12 I am asked if I can be on standby if transport is needed ?
13 The Social Services department has a variety of equipment which can be on free loan to you if you are assessed to need it .
14 I knew that my presence annoyed him , and if I 'd stop to nurse hurt feelings , I 'd travel home each night on the el , lonely and defeated , in the way one can be on a train .
15 Entries , which must not exceed 2,000 words , can be on any subject , fact or fiction and there is a separate section for poetry .
16 Entries can be on a postcard laid out in the manner of the entry coupon .
17 Entries can be on a postcard laid out in the manner of the coupon .
18 ‘ With the bikes we can be on the road in 15 minutes .
19 If there are new housing developments in the neighbourhood contact the builder to see if copies can be on display in show homes .
20 This , a particularly wide and extraordinarily far-reaching implication , obviously lurks within the interstices of the decision in Corbett Ormrod J. was no doubt acutely aware of what a decision in favour of Miss Ashley could be construed as meaning , even if in fact it were limited , it can be on the arguments advanced above , to its particular and very u usual facts .
21 The systematic model of teaching illustrates how influential correctly used objectives can be on the whole teaching process from planning to assessment , and demonstrates the need for extreme care in choosing them .
22 If , as is the case in most households , only one room can be spared for her , it will be greatly to everyone 's advantage if it is big enough to take her bed , wardrobe and dressing-table , and other necessary items of furniture plus two comfortable armchairs and a television set and radio , so that she can be on her own when she likes , with her favourite programmes ( which may not always be yours ) and able to entertain a friend in the privacy of her own small domain when she wants to , with familiar things around her which help her to preserve her identity and links with the past .
23 So that the nanny can be on call night and day , the bedroom in the flat connects with the main part of the house and is next to the nursery .
24 Equitable Life Assurance Society in Guernsey ( 0481 716021 ) has designed International Investment Plan written under Guernsey life law and which can be on joint lives ; while International Personal Pension Plan written under Guernsey pensions legislation can only be written on a single life .
25 So not only can a back bencher shout the odds for the fur trade , the police , the bookies or whoever in exchange for money but worse , the chairman of the Home Affairs Committee can be on the payroll of a private security firm without anyone thinking there might be the tiniest conflict .
26 Some LEAs are in the process of major reorganization themselves , so that heads can be on the receiving end of a stream of directives and initiatives that contradict and countermand each other quicker than they can be assimilated .
27 And it has installed control software to ensure that engineers can be on site in four hours if necessary .
28 Study can be on a full-time or part-time basis , from one to three years .
29 The gallery 's present director , Nicholas Serota , is facing up to the fact that today , excluding the Turners , only one-fifth of the collections can be on display at any time .
30 10 minutes by car you can be on Woolacombe 's fabulous 3 mile beach .
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