Example sentences of "can [vb pp] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Smaller mammals , such as cats , rabbits and ferrets , have only a short gestation and so can made in the lengthening days that signal the end of winter .
2 Communications , I said well you can either go to them or you can got to , we 'll do it for ya , so it 's really up to you , he says well who 's the cheapest ?
3 Basically , what it is , they er , want to computerise a collection of some one hundred million words of written and spoken text , that can used by dictionary compilers which are there just to study the English language .
4 You can contributed to their success .
5 Perhaps I should have , you can pulled into this refuge in the middle there .
6 The Chair is obviously referring to the fact recently in the courts , there was consideration of the closure of old persons ' homes , and you know that you are under a legal requirement to consult in respect of those otherwise any decision , to close without consultation can held to be invalid , and that has impinged on some authorities who were going down that route , so there is a duty there .
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