Example sentences of "can [adv] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 The questions to be asked in relation to adoptive parents are : first , whether they can successfully parent a child and develop deep attachments to it without a feeling of ‘ entitlement ’ or of being in charge and whilst there are continued visits or contacts by birth parents or birth relatives .
2 Gould , forced to operate at the lower end of the transfer market as Coventry tighten their belts , can only gaze in wonder as Dalglish spends multi-millionaire Jack Walker 's money .
3 If you choose the ‘ one direction ’ option , you can only wellie it in the direction you 're facing .
4 The Tories are , as in 1966 , once more devoid of ideas and can only resort to attacking and insulting the other parties .
5 Her lips are so swollen she is unable to eat and can only sip drinks through a straw .
6 No you ca n't , you , you only have , you can only hand write .
7 The decision can only fuel speculation that it is suffering badly in the heat of an overcrowded Sparc-compatible marketplace that it once had to itself .
8 Observe that the process is free to execute any of the corresponding SKIP guards ( unc and can only deadlock if it does execute one of these guards .
9 Cos they can easily seat sixteen up there .
10 Customers staying in Riva , Torbole and Malcesine can generally book excursions to the Arena in Verona in resort .
11 But having said that I ca n't see a job where you can just kind of swan in and you know and think about a million different things in one day or whatever .
12 backslash directory I think you can just type in file .
13 Yes , so that I can just sort of say , you know , we did invite and , that might help
14 Yeah okay so we can just sort of scrub that out or something .
15 So you can just sort of take them out and put them on your desk , all the bone erm all the pottery .
16 Erm if we can just sort of work out in our own minds what , I , I do n't want addresses or anything like that , so do n't say oh I 'll break into number six , or anything like that but just anywhere in the area of Farnsfield imagine houses yourself , is to what sort of type of house we break into .
17 Yes , erm Arthur as I have mentioned earlier was erm the fourth in command as it were and erm if I can just sort of go down the erm the pecking order , mm , Leslie was the Chief Education Officer .
18 Oh look it 's one of these that 's nice because you can just sort of nothing can come in behind you and that sort of thing .
19 When you have to take a job , even if it 's a job you can mildly stomach … the fact that you have no choice crushes your enthusiasm for doing the job . ’
20 Oh yeah , but I mean you can soon sort of make it so that it 's er
21 erm you know kind of er call that a first draft and then sort , you know , sort of try and sort of go through the books again and stick a few references in to back up the points you 've made so you can see it relates to other people 's evidence erm trying to go through it again and knock out the well you know what I mean kind of statements and , and , you know , you can gradually sort of make the er grad you know sort of but again it 's , it 's , it 's one of these processes that I find , you know , you need to go through again and again and again to sort of get it er get it together erm so erm
22 And , most importantly for the lads , judging by the roar which greeted its first appearance , he can still windmill his right arm .
23 So it 's not engaged , but you can still camp on to their handset , basically the computer , tell them when it 's next used .
24 And you can still sort of ma make it elevated up this really nice and
25 Most of the information obtainable from Companies House can instead be obtained from the company and so can further information especially if the searcher is a member of the company .
26 And once you 've got your Steamatic all set up outside , you can always steam into the greenhouse or the conservatory to remove any mould that has accumulated and clean the glass too .
27 What 's nice about it as well is they , if ever you did want one anywhere , can always sort of could n't you ?
28 Treat yourself Angie , cos you can always sort of catch up like that .
29 Cos I can always sort of
30 As Steve Wozniak , the co-founder with Jobs of the Apple Computer Company , tersely noted : ‘ he can always couch things in the right words ’ ( Patterson , 1985 ) .
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