Example sentences of "can [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 This much more elaborated nervous system is associated with a much greater range of what we can recognizably call adaptive behaviour .
2 Mrs Thatcher should do either as the Mail demands and replace Mr Lawson with a Chancellor of whose policies she can wholeheartedly approve or , as Mr Heseltine urges , lift her veto against the only course which could give credibility to an exchange rate policy .
3 I have now had time to reflect on whether the inherent constraints of working within the structure of a commission can appreciatively reduce the impact of a painting .
4 If we add some storage on a second chip , we obtain a complete microcomputer at an extremely low cost and small physical size , and this can economically replace hardwired logic .
5 For a long time it has been known that heavy drinking during pregnancy can badly affect a baby 's development so that when it is born , its face and head are deformed and it is mentally backward .
6 Its just difficult to explain how the defence works as a team , and one weak link can badly affect the rests confidence .
7 ‘ It is easy to understand , although some austere persons elaborately refuse to understand , why these crowds in the industrial towns pay shillings they can badly afford to see twenty-two professionals kick a ball about , ’ JB Priestley wrote after being taken to a local derby march between Nottingham Forest and Notts County .
8 The broad feature , which we can loosely refer to as a quasi-periodic oscillation ( QPO ) can not be seen directly in the light curve , because many cycles need to be averaged to overcome Poisson noise .
9 All of these processes combine to produce a particular form of language , what we can loosely call ‘ academic language ’ .
10 I think it is important to concede that what we can loosely call the anti-antiracist position associated with sections of the new right and with populist politics has fed on crucial ambiguities in antiracist and multicultural initiatives .
11 ‘ And in the back row , Tim Rodber and Ben Clarke can justifiably think of themselves as England candidates . ’
12 We can justifiably expect that academics will adhere to the demands of rationality in their professional work , developing the open character of their discipline .
13 For Assiter , fantasy is not just a harmless and essentially solitary activity in which everyone engages to a greater or lesser extent , but is something which also has an effect on the way people behave towards others , and on the way they may feel they can justifiably treat each other , particularly women .
14 Through the clerkly sympathies of the fabliau corpus we can justifiably reach back to other forms of literature and literary theory associated with students and the universities and assess the fabliaux in that light .
15 With a new single imminent and a debut album currently in the writing stage ( both definitely on the funky tip ) , Jamiroquai can justifiably hold his head high .
16 As a result , while the Authority can justifiably take much of the credit for the transformation of certain aspects of primary education in Leeds which PNP began to yield , it may also need to accept responsibility for some of PNP 's manifest weaknesses .
17 But come away with Club 18–30 , share your precious two weeks with others who , like you , want to make friends and have a good time all the time , and you 'll find out why we can justifiably claim to be ‘ Fun Factor ’ Number 1 .
18 Paul 's verdict : Bags have been around a long time now and Rohan can justifiably claim to have prompted other companies to come up with versions of their original .
19 Sometimes a seller is so financially powerful that he can blatantly insist on such a clause being included in the contract ; he can adopt a ‘ take it or leave it ’ attitude .
20 When you draw level , drop down onto your belly and slide to the edge of the bank until you can slowly raise your head to pinpoint their exact position .
21 Within their firm containment , he can slowly learn about holding mixed feelings — loving and hating the same person .
22 Questions like these dealing with real people with real motives and posing problems , can slowly help to develop understanding .
23 We can not force desire to take a shape it resists , but perhaps we can slowly remould it .
24 The use of COMMUNITEL as a package linked to the use of Prestel and the development of information skills is well documented in the Houghton Regis School project and has been used by Prestel Education as publicity material The potential uses of such packages can be seen by examining the different ways in which school librarians and pupils can effectively present information in a novel and professional way .
25 If you feed your Koi good , proprietary-branded food you can effectively stop worrying — they will be getting all they need .
26 We can not dictate what our children will make of the Community , but we must leave them in a position where they can effectively influence the shape of Europe , and that Europe must be one in which we retain our distinct national identity .
27 However , judgements of this kind can effectively block further investigation of variable constraints in the texts in question : they can be dismissed as ‘ corrupt ’ or ‘ unreliable ’ specimens of language .
28 Even if these are used only after employment ends the implied duty not to use or disclose them will mean that the employer can effectively prevent any competition based on breach .
29 This indicates a powerful way in which labour market factors can effectively negate educational advances , e.g. , in changing the pattern of ‘ racial ’ or gender inequalities in attainment .
30 Paramount closed down its London office in 1968 , declaring that ‘ we now feel that by coordinating and controlling our production activities in Hollywood we can effectively control a programme that will continue to draw from a talent pool all around the world . ’
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