Example sentences of "can [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Repeatedly interviewing the same people can sensitise them to the research , and this may have unknown effects on their responses .
2 In reality children usually start to lose interest after about two weeks once they realize that they can earn them relatively easily .
3 There is an expectation that they can earn their way into the labour market but the labour market does not want them .
4 Work which can earn me money in my spare time .
5 I 'm being honest er Rod if I can earn myself twenty five thirty thousand I 'm not I 'm not looking for you know fortunes .
6 The other thing about celebrity , of course , is that it can earn you a decent living — although usually only after years of struggle , as with most jobs .
7 A car boot sale can earn you extra cash and save you money by reducing the load your removers have to take to your new home .
8 ‘ You can earn your money with Sammy Meredith , ’ I insisted , ‘ then sail away with me . ’
9 That you can earn your living by writing ?
10 ‘ I can earn my own money . ’
11 I 'm not enduring any more of it ; you can keep the hundred pounds a year , I can earn it dressmaking and trimming millinery . ’
12 Clever still I can earn it
13 If they can coordinate their choices this is the only stable outcome .
14 According to Scott , finance capitalists are at the very core of the business class , because they can coordinate its activities .
15 RESEARCH is to be carried out in Darlington to look at how the borough council can coordinate its green policies .
16 Occasionally the fungus can ensconce itself in the terminal portion of the urethra , and it may then give rise to symptoms similar to those found in non-specific urethritis .
17 In these circumstances , mothers have described how they turn to collective items where they can restrict what they consume .
18 29 of the 89 articles of the constitution deal with limitations on the parliament 's power and ways in which the government can restrict it .
19 But we can , at this level , we can restrict it to numbers .
20 It can hinder their proper development .
21 But as with any organisation , it is not without problems and these can hinder its effectiveness .
22 One correspondent , seeking to explain the motives behind the attack on the meeting-houses in the west midlands in the summer of 1715 , informed Staffordshire MP , William Ward , that the rioters have got a Notion , that the Ministry and Dissenters have ruined Trade , on Purpose to make the Nation out of Love with the late Peace , and Peace-makers ; and because the Ministry , and secret Committee , and their Friends , will not let the Country have Peace and Trade , they resolve ( if they can hinder it ) the Dissenters shall not have a quiet Toleration .
23 I 've put in to be a corpse already and then I can laugh my head off on the floor all the way through — ’
24 Sometimes I can laugh it off but inside it gets me down .
25 Now that I know the genetic formula of my insects , I can reproduce them at will , and I can tell the computer to " evolve " towards them from any arbitrary starting point .
26 Creating synthetic chemical structures that can reproduce themselves represents not only an intriguing intellectual challenge , but also a possible way of illuminating one of the most basic processes of a living cell .
27 ‘ He wrote back an absolutely charming letter ’ , he remembers , ‘ saying do n't worry about the money , of course you can reproduce it , and do n't worry about the copyright . ’
28 If you get on the wrong side of Miss Trunchbull she can liquidise you like a carrot in a kitchen blender .
29 the appropriate sales person so that he and she can log it away in the manual .
30 I have to know so I can log it .
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