Example sentences of "been for [noun] " in BNC.

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1 This may have been for meals during the day while living elsewhere , or perhaps it was to make existing accommodation there more adequate for his use .
2 The original proposal had been for PR in the cities but this was opposed by Unionists who were concerned to protect the efficacy of the business vote ; Central Office also opposed the alternative vote when it was put forward in the debates , and the majority of Unionist MPs and the National Union never backed either system .
3 He went on , ‘ If it had n't been for Bertha sticking to her guns over the question of the house , I 'd have been married to Doreen by now — and that would have been a disaster . ’
4 But that had been for women with no man to protect them , so they had to do whatever they could and were respected for it .
5 That first contract had been for America , and then came Russia , France , Italy , Germany , South America , the list is endless .
6 Although the Church was slow off the mark following the population migration and concentration in the expanding towns during the Industrial Revolution , failure has not been for want of trying .
7 I am afraid that it has not been a success and that has certainly not been for want of effort from him but I think we just have to write that one off .
8 It could not have been for lack of qualifications , for Moira had served seven years on the BBC 's General Advisory Council and four years as a director of Border Television ; so one can only assume it was because of my Liberal Party connections .
9 If it had not been for Adam 's quick eyes we might never have seen anything amiss .
10 There are old records for every month except August and September , but the records since 1946 have been for April ( one ) , May ( one ) , June ( two ) , October ( four ) , November ( 13 ) , and December ( one ) .
11 Crucial as this innovation may have been for co-ordination , it has contributed to an increased sense of ‘ distance ’ between policy makers and implementers in a policy system that operates primarily in a unified , top-down , manner .
12 Had it not been for anti-depressant drugs and psychitaric help , he says he could easily have taken his own life .
13 The intention at that time had been for Ian and myself to return to Uist by the ferry in the afternoon but the weather was so bad that the ferryman decided not to chance his luck in the storm .
14 Since then , however , standard procedure has been for patrols to study photographs , names and addresses of suspects before leaving security force bases .
15 In his pronouncements , science was no longer subordinate to theology in the way it had been for Roger Bacon , Thomas Aquinas , or Nicole Oresme .
16 We must never forget , mind , either you or me , if it had n't been for Mrs Aggie and her yard , God knows where we would have been at this minute .
17 She said no she said we have n't been for ages .
18 Yes , but he has n't been for ages has he ?
19 If it had not been for Elizabeth taking her in off the streets and giving her a home , then Tilly 's own life would have been empty .
20 If it had n't of been for Steve 's car breaking down and him having
21 The general trend over the years has been for LDC governments and state enterprises to rely increasingly on international banks rather than official transfers , i.e. foreign aid , to meet their foreign currency financial needs .
22 It 's all locked away , you know , Mr Michell , and has been for generations .
23 Police reports suggested that the countryside was more quiescent than it had been for generations .
24 This process directly undermined the rule of law : ‘ such transference of authority saps the foundation of that rule of law which has been for generations a leading feature of the English constitution . ’
25 His wife , who was an invalid at the time , told the Sun ‘ If it had n't been for state benefit and my family , Jade and I would have starved . ’
26 If it had n't been for Willie 's attentive expression he would have stopped .
27 Yet this admission was not so grievous for Tate as it would have been for others .
28 The call had been for Hank , and had been from one of his classmates , who said that he just wanted to inquire how Hank was .
29 Roosevelt might nevertheless have got his way in 1943 , had it not been for developments inside France .
30 Oil is the most versatile , flexible and valuable of the primary fuels and part of the process of improved use of energy over the past decade has been for users to switch to other fuels to generate heat , thus saving oil for the transportation and speciality uses for which there are no cost effective substitutes .
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