Example sentences of "has only just " in BNC.

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1 Nancarrow , who has only just finished a ban for venting his anger by making an obscene gesture to a referee during the British Open , was reported to the tournament director for abusing match officials , his opponent , and the court .
2 But the story has only just begun .
3 Strongly independent all his life , John Granger did n't let blindness change his lifestyle , and although now in his nineties has only just moved into a sheltered flat in Oxford .
4 Ms Bhutto has only just survived a vote of no confidence by the opposition , when her slim and wavering majority was cut by half , partially because of the defection of four of the tribal members to opposition benches .
5 It has only just begun .
6 The municipal-bond market has only just got over the jolt it received from federal tax changes in 1986 that removed tax breaks for some large buyers of new issues , notably banks and insurance companies .
7 ‘ Down To Earth ’ will prove that she has not only mastered here medium , but that she has only just begun .
8 Now twenty-four , she came to London originally from Gloucestershire , and has only just moved ‘ south of the river ’ to start a new job .
9 However , IBM has only just started manufacturing OS/2 2.0 for British distribution .
10 Paco has only just begun to speak openly of reincarnation : ‘ The time has come when the Seventh Sea is going to open . ’
11 As the song says , it has only just begun .
12 Although the idea of WCY is over a year old and the year is now a month old , Britain has only just announced its six-man committee to represent the country 's interests .
13 The Department of Interior has only just begun a two year study to streamline the fiendishly complex sets of planning rules that govern new mining projects .
14 Looking for a plausible mechanism is slightly easier , but the search has only just begun , and there are few clues to go on at present .
15 Instead , a somewhat more benign Major nightmare has only just begun .
16 Its internal political development has only just begun .
17 The suggestion of a silver thread among the dark men in green makes Gus appear a distinguished elder statesmen , far too distinguished-looking for a man who has only just reached 29 .
18 Miss Driver , 22 , has appeared in the television series Lovejoy , House of Eliott , Casualty and Kinsey , and has only just returned from Budapest — filming a Maigret adventure .
19 THE Queen 's cousin , Sir Angus Oglivy , has bought himself an early Christmas present — a Zike , the invention launched last summer by Sir Clive Sinclair but which has only just reached the shops at £499 .
20 BRITAIN 'S ‘ greenest ’ car is the Subaru Vivio 660cc which has only just gone on sale .
21 The Christmas Eve assault has only just come to light because the 13-year-old victim was too terrified to report it earlier .
22 But the Scot has only just recovered from a mystery virus and insists he needs to be involved for some 10 matches before he is back to his best .
23 And Rodger has only just come back from three weeks ' rehabilitation at Lilleshall .
24 She is a glamorous 40-year-old , he has only just left school .
25 Anthea has only just stepped into Yvette 's shoes but has already made pals with the other presenters and , course , Bonnie the dog .
26 — Clearly the words ‘ Now I am seeing this as apex ’ can not so far mean anything to a learner who has only just met the concepts of apex , base and so on — But I do not mean this as empirical proposition .
27 No longer in the calendar with a prime week of its own , an event which has only just survived this year through a last minute rescue sponsorship package , will hardly be able to reduce its prize money in 1993 from the $1m it already pays to the Double-Up new minimum of $625,000 , even though it will no longer be guaranteed even one of the top ten ranked or other leading box office players .
28 BSL research has only just begun and a great deal more will emerge in the coming years .
29 On the lighter side , the Cessna 195B has been around for some time , having been auctioned at Duxford in April 1990 and , although remaining in the UK since then , has only just been registered .
30 Unisys Corp claims to have won some 50% of the world 's open systems transaction processing business , but still only has around 22 Tuxedo customers on its books , including the Union Bank of Switzerland , Eurodollar car rental , La Namur Assurance Co in Belgium and Koninklijke PTT Telecom Nederland NV ; NCR Corp , it estimates , has some 10 to 15 customers for Top End monitor , while Transarc Corp 's rival Encina has only just started shipping .
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