Example sentences of "has be [prep] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ You do n't have to tell me , ’ Gaily said , ‘ that all the clothes either of us has are in the bag or on our backs . ’
2 The Tories are , wisely , keeping their boy away from most of the rough stuff — rightly recognising that such strengths as he has are in his niceness — but he has to look like he wants to win sometimes .
3 In Washington , President Bush appeared in the White House press room to tell reporters ‘ Yes , it has been worth it . ’
4 ‘ He has been worth every penny we have spent and every tear we have shed .
5 In Central Office , Patrick Gower consoled himself , ‘ It has been a strenuous year but it has been worth it and it has been fun .
6 Over the years Muir has been through thick and thin with Tranmere , and has been worth his weight in gold .
7 Ken has been into western styling since he was a child .
8 No wonder Souness has been into the transfer market for a new centre back .
9 This book is for Ear'ole , who has been as enthusiastic about my shop as she has been about all the other things that I have tackled , and then begged her to help with .
10 Surely that is what perestroika has been about these past five years ?
11 More importantly , historically the key feature of police work has been about maintaining a particular form of social order on the street .
12 The argument is simple and reflexive : if the body of this book has been about helping teachers to be more able to deal with uncertainty , conflict and change — in a word , to become better learners — then the tail asserts that the core of their job should be to help young people to become good learners in their turn .
13 In Japan , talk of corporate governance has been about as common as sararimen in bowler hats .
14 I want to forget that a big chunk of my life has been about being as good a dissident as possible .
15 I want to forget that a big chunk of my life has been about being as good a dissident as possible .
16 But the Conservative record has been about more than increasing spending .
17 In contrast the long-wave school focuses more precisely on technology , though it is notable that much of the debate within that school has been about what causes technological change and how that change should be seen as part of a wider system .
18 But the rhetoric of the past quarter of a century has been about prosperity founded on technology as advanced as that found anywhere , and about economic power to match that of the United States and Japan .
19 Thus , a government report in 1970 concluded that , for the period 1954–68 , ‘ the underlying upward trend in the percentage of the manual labour force on shifts in manufacturing has been about 1 per cent per annum . ’
20 Much of the debate in social services in the past 30 years has been about community care — what it is an how to achieve it .
21 Most of this book has been about mainstream mental health care of adult people .
22 The lady is looking for a husband and she has been about the world sufficiently to know that I am not one of those .
23 Part of today 's debate has been about an increase in unemployment which has hit this country like so many others .
24 While the debate surrounding this reform has been extensive , there is reason to argue that ‘ Most of the debate has been about controlling local authority expenditure , about voters , about redistribution among households and about administrative issues ’ ( Muellbauer 1987 , p. 7 ) .
25 So our National Anthem has been about a bit , particularly when you think that it came , probably came from , or was used in , erm a piece of music simply by Haydn .
26 So as I say , ours has been about a bit , it 's been borrowed by various people .
27 They 'll need the friendship with the staff and fellow inmates , because Grendon , for the last 30 years , has been about confronting yourself and that 's not easy .
28 ‘ Over the last six months the most common request for information has been about Ecstasy , ’ he says .
29 This week has been about the library .
30 The struggle has been between the Czech people and the security apparatus behind the Communist party .
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