Example sentences of "been [det] time " in BNC.

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1 Her concern , until then , had always been that Time ( or the house ) would prevent him from reaching her , stop them from being able to meet , remove the opportunity , once and for all , for her to feel again as she had done last night , leaving her for ever empty and unsatisfied .
2 But in the midst of the holocaust wrought by long-term unemployment on the jobless , there has been little time to examine the effect of the current climate on the working population .
3 Be that as it may , though many exciting things have happened to physics in the interim , there has not been another time since 1925 when the foundations have been shaken , the paradigm shifted , our view of the world transformed .
4 It had been some time since I had visited Ingleborough , so last summer I went back with a couple of friends to rediscover some of its hidden treasures .
5 But obviously the revolution had been some time in the making .
6 It must have been some time after we had last met .
7 It must have been some time in August when I took those pictures , Rufus thought , and a couple of weeks later it was all over .
8 It had been some time since they had had the chance for such indulgences .
9 But , city dweller as she had always been , she had been aware of every sound — the gentle lapping noises of the canal against the side of the boat , the small night sounds of birds and other creatures , and it had been some time before weary body and brain relaxed .
10 It had been some time now since the old pilots had been in a dog-fight , and Killion for one was sweating heavily by the time he landed .
11 It 's been some time . ’
12 Whichever way , she probably had n't given it much thought at the time and it had been some time later when her mother had told her that he had left the country and gone abroad to work .
13 That must of been some time ago
14 And how quick it had been this time !
15 ‘ And that 's where he had been this time ? ’
16 In that era , so much of the day was spent climbing in and out of the correct clothes that there ca n't have been much time left for recreation .
17 Since then it has been many times re-invented and used for 3D picture postcards .
18 There have been many times in history when Christianity has faced extreme difficulty .
19 There have been many times when I could n't write .
20 McGahern : ‘ There have been many times when I could n't write ’
21 The Basilica Constaninina , now the Cathedral of Rome , S. Giovanni in Laterano , has since been many times altered and added
22 A petition organized by the Jewish people 's Council against Fascism and Anti-Semitism collected 77,000 signatures in two days ; it was felt that if there had been more time over a quarter of a million would have signed against Mosley 's proposed demonstration .
23 If Eva had any regrets it was that her mother had never been able to put in words just how much she obviously meant to her , and that there had not been more time to spend with her parents over the years .
24 ‘ If only there 'd been more time , ’ said Kelly , ‘ I 'd have tried to help her work out a clear-cut characterisation , but we had a tight schedule and I left it up to her . ’
25 There had n't been any time to find a new skivvy , and a skivvy was vital if the evening was to be a success .
26 Lalande wrote of him in 1763 : ‘ Sisson has been several times in prison for failing to pay his workmen [ of whom Jesse Ramsden , q.v. , was one ] ; he starts many things and finishes nothing : he takes his instruments to the pawnbroker , where they have been seen selling for a tenth of their value .
27 There have been several times when I was tempted to try and get in touch and apologise for my attack at the time of Simon 's death . ’
28 ‘ And there have been several times when I was tempted to try and get in touch and tell you about Thomas , ’ Ashley said , in a pert rejoinder .
29 Bill had been enough times to a morgue .
30 In practice the question therefore resolves itself into : Has there been enough time for enough successive generations ?
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