Example sentences of "been [det] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 I 'd 've loved to have been that pillow , I really would er things he was doing to this pillow it was
2 One of the problems with traditional remedial teaching has been that spelling and neatness are fetishes .
3 One result of this has been that theology itself has become ecumenical in a fashion undreamt of a century ago , and many of the main fronts in theological debate and controversy now run across rather than along denominational boundaries .
4 It might have been that night I dreamed
5 For quite a long time the prevailing view among economists had been that money does not affect the relative prices of commodities , but that it does determine the overall price level .
6 This has sometimes been justified on security grounds but often the argument has been that disclosure is not in the public interest , that " secrecy is at all times the condition in which the best men make the best decisions . "
7 suggested in Ex parte Benson ( No. 2 ) , The Times , 21 November 1988 , the decision in Handscomb had been that detention for a period equivalent to a determinate sentence of 27 years exceeded by such a wide margin any determinate sentence passed in recent years for the offence of manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility , and was thus in the absence of reasons irrational , I would not disagree .
8 There had always been that choice , and it was as difficult to take , and as easy to reject , in the twentieth century as it had been in any other .
9 This could be heard approaching from some distance off , owing to its lack of an exhaust pipe , and was known around the camp as the Green Devil because it had , once upon a time , been that colour all over , instead of just in places as now .
10 I suppose some people might have but I think I did n't really want to face up to the fact that he might have been that man on the beach . ’
11 Until very recently the standard present-day answer to that question , at least among anthropologists , has been that man has culture and birds do not .
12 Later , much later , Kelly was to reflect on how lucky she had been that day .
13 It must have been that day or the next , Adam thought , that he or one of them , surely he , had first suggested the commune idea .
14 An uncommonly good lunch it must have been that day .
15 It 's same as , what ow she 's gone into hospital with her , you know , and I 'd actually been that day , you know what I mean , I do n't mind , do n't get me wrong , I 'm not cross , 'cos I do n't mind .
16 There always had been that part of him , rarely seen , that she did n't understand .
17 Have you been that part there ?
18 Others said it must have been that girl who worked here , the one who was the German officer 's mistress , she knew everything that was going on around here .
19 ‘ My theory has always been that working practices and the way that careers are structured are not really compatible with having a family as well .
20 A more fundamental objection has been that music-hall and vaudeville were essentially controlled by showmen who were of course entrepreneurs .
21 She had helped to pick up all the things spilt from the bag , but there had been that look in her eye just before — a familiar look , contempt , indifferently hidden .
22 Lucy was weeping as she had been that afternoon .
23 Had it really been that afternoon ?
24 The new US approach fell short of outright recognition for Bazin 's government , but involved urging exiled President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to meet with Bazin , whereas the earlier US position had been that Aristide should choose his own Prime Minister prior to his return to the country .
25 A reasonable defence might have been that field sports were preferable to roaming the docks but , instead , the chief rabbi was assured that the boys needed the exercise .
26 The result has been that discount deals have proliferated .
27 I mean , there have been some in the area , which have n't been that flats as well .
28 The result has been that sea walls have had to take the brunt of the power of waves and currents at high tide , which erodes them and requires rebuilding on an ever larger scale .
29 One of the sad side-effects of industrial action during the early years of the implementation of ISS has been that work on improving the teacher-parent partnership has been more neglected by teachers than anyone initially expected .
30 In the past one accusation sometimes levelled against much primary school history has been that work is insufficiently " historical " in approach .
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