Example sentences of "been [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Previously the longest period without a lost day accident at the site , where paint manufacturer started in 1990 , had been 372 days , achieved in 1989 .
2 As for the tabloids , additions to the range of publications have either been arm's-length extensions of existing publishing groups ( Today , 1986 — ) or born out of existing publishing houses ( Mail on Sunday , 1983 — , Star , 1978 ) .
3 The basis for assessment , therefore , would have been administrative records such as tax registers , providing evidence of the value to the monarch of individual civitates , which had been the basic units of government in the later Roman Empire .
4 Tekere alleged that four of his supporters had been killed in Harare , and that others had been harassed ; he also claimed there had been administrative irregularities in the polling .
5 It is natural that parents , and mothers in particular , should feel sadness and a sense of bereavement , whether or not they have been full-time housewives and mothers .
6 In my village there had been historic upheaval over such questions as whether it was right that hymns should be sung in the House of God .
7 For the last six years he has been assistant curate at St. Barnabas ' Church in Linthorpe , Middlesbrough , and he will be instituted as vicar of Saltburn in July .
8 Johnson , who had been assistant coach with the national under-21 team , is now the backs ' mentor with Scotland ‘ B ’ as well as succeeding Dixon as Glasgow 's district coach .
9 The Board appointed Mr. G. Chaplin and Miss Anne Reid , who had been assistant master and matron respectively at the Hackney Union , but it was conditional on their being married ( to one another ) by July .
10 They came to Bedford from the Luton Public Assistance Institution where they had been assistant master and assistant matron .
11 He 's been Assistant Chief Constable of Humberside and was the Deputy Chief Constable of Lancashire before coming to Gloucestershire in ninteen eighty seven .
12 Dick had been assistant editor of the New Statesman from 1938 to 1955 and , as has already been explained , was no friend of the leading men of the Labour party in the years after the War .
13 The appointment went , however , to William Clark , a married man aged 32 , who had been assistant overseer and vestry clerk at Eaton Socon .
14 Richard , who started work at the University in 1969 as assistant cook in the halls of residence , has been Assistant Catering Manager since 1973 , based at the Revis Barber and Dennis Bellamy Halls , where his deputy , head cook Ian Wade has been ruling the kitchens for 24 years .
15 Voight first got to know Dustin well when he was playing Rudolpho in A View from the Bridge in January 1965 , on which Dustin had been assistant director .
16 The first British administrator of Tanganyika Masailand was Colonel E.D. Browne , who had been Assistant District Commissioner at Laikipia at the time of the second Masai move in 1911–13 , and who came down to Tanganyika convinced that the Kenya Masai had had a rotten deal and determined to see that the Tanganyika Masai got a better one .
17 There has been scanty analysis of either the individual members of the household 's different structural relationship to housing , or of households that do not comply with the nuclear family model .
18 ‘ HAVE been sweating blood over the question of what is right and feasible to do .
19 I could have understood it in Cottee 's case if he had been sweating blood for Everton .
20 What she did was to go through her cupboards , where she discovered a dress which had once belonged to Clara 's cousin , and which had been enclosed years before in a charitable parcel of hands-on .
21 Since the weekend , there has been ample sign that they and those who share their views are little inclined to let the matter die down .
22 We have been very pleased that in the intervening months , when there has been ample opportunity for discussion and feedback , considerable support for this scheme has been forthcoming .
23 Daly stressed the narrowness of most reefs and showed , from examples where the rate of reef growth is known , that there had been ample time in the Post-glacial period for the growth of modern reefs .
24 But John-William had bought so much land at Far Flatley from Colonel Covington-Pym , a whole bank of his river and several fields beyond that there would have been ample room to build Gemma and Tristan a dear little nest .
25 The financial advisers of those days were probably the people who taught the ones who have been professional schemes .
26 Again , it would have been professional suicide for a civil servant to describe the indignities of derangement and to represent himself as having been mad , unless the facts were as well known to his colleagues and masters as he says they were ; while to try , on the other hand , to put his known condition in a better light , as Hoccleve does , is sensible only if the fact of his illness was well known but his recovery less well recognised , which is what he claims .
27 Replacing either of them — and they ran the series as a sort of family business the Marks and Spencer of movie comedy — would have been professional suicide .
28 Newcomers often found work in areas that lay outside the jurisdiction of the Lord Mayor and Corporation , in what had once been rural manors ; they moved constantly from one district to another .
29 Given that our Association had been 75 years outside the wider Trade Union Movement , our Delegates were concerned at what type of reception they might receive from the Conference .
30 There had been 75 Holderness-Manolo personnel at the outset of this engagement .
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