Example sentences of "been [noun] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 There had been profiles of him that suggested that he was a jogger who had been bitten by one of Alex ‘ Down Sir ’ Snell 's pit-bulls .
2 There has also been centralization in the public services .
3 There may have been times during your working life when you have not , either knowingly or unwittingly , paid national insurance contributions .
4 But she admits : ‘ Yes , there have been times of anger and frustration for me as well as Jack .
5 Not that those centuries had been times of uninterrupted peace .
6 However , there have been times in the recent past when 50 per cent of the artists selling and succeeding in the USA have been British .
7 There had been times in her life when she had been — if not happy , then content .
8 I know nothing about Mr McLachlan he does not appear in Who 's Who : whether he hails from Scotland , Ireland , Korea or Czechoslovakia ; whether he is Catholic , Presbyterian or Buddhist ; whether he is married with children ( sorry , kids ) or celibate ; whether there have been tragedies in his life , or whether it has been an uninterrupted progression to his present exalted situation .
9 Yet when I emerged from that heaven-haven of sexual absolution , I would feel guilty , frightened , torn between happiness at being liberated from overwhelming sexual tension and the scared wonder of the events , as if they had been rituals in a half-remembered primitive religion .
10 Been ages since the last time , it were about two year I .
11 Robert de Niro has always been case as the Invisible Man of Hollywood .
12 ‘ We have been progress of the Great Britain Education Bill with a view to ensuring that , as far as possible , parents of children with special educational needs in Northern Ireland enjoy the same rights as those in England and Wales . ’
13 There will have been progress on the creation of a single European market , especially in financial services .
14 A further consequence arising from studies of process has paradoxically been progress towards a more integrated approach because investigations of one specific process have often proceeded to encompass other processes in the way that soil process investigations have become involved with hillslope processes and with plant-soil moisture relationships and also with boundary layer climatology .
15 Knill said that there had been progress in collaboration with HEIs over responsive mode funding and with NERC 's institutes .
16 There has been progress in the integration of community languages into the mainstream curriculum but the progress is pitifully slow , with a number of factors compounding a lack of confidence amongst those campaigning for greater sensitivity towards and encouragement of the forms of language brought by pupils into British Schools .
17 If the body had turned out to be Stavanger 's it would have been progress in the case , though we 'd have been no nearer knowing where he had been killed , or who had killed him .
18 There has been progress in design , but no progress in accomplishment , specifically because there has been equal progress in design on both sides of the arms race .
19 In the past few years , however , there has been progress in the systematic analysis of qualitative data using a variety of specially written computer programs .
20 There had also been progress in compiling the common list of exportable products , which had grown from 312 items in 1987 to more than 700 .
21 There may have been reasons for this lack of positive discrimination towards the older conurbations .
22 The point was long in doubt , and there may have been reasons for thinking that it might not be appropriate to extend the obligation to measures adopted before a directive existed .
23 None of these people should ever have been prisoners of conscience .
24 But although there is immunocytochemical evidence for NO synthase in hippocampal interneurons , there has been difficulty in obtaining evidence for its expression in pyramidal or granule cells .
25 A solicitor may not accept instructions in a matter in which to his knowledge another solicitor has been retained without the consent of that other solicitor , nor should a solicitor instructed in a particular matter communicate directly with anyone who has retained a solicitor on the other side , though a direct approach may be justified if there has been difficulty in making contact with that solicitor .
26 It says there has been difficulty in convincing both presbyteries and congregations of the need for financial planning for the future .
27 Many of these have also been authorities with substantial areas of inner-urban deprivation within their boundaries .
28 ‘ There have been disappearances like this before . ’
29 The second major contextual change has been shifts in government policy , operating in the context of large scale youth unemployment .
30 Over the past 40 years , there have been shifts in nuclear strategy and changes in technology and in the appreciation of the perceived threat .
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