Example sentences of "'s just i " in BNC.

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1 ‘ It 's just I see all this pain and shit , and it 's all my fault . ’
2 I know I 'm at the station , cos that 's obvious , it 's just I ca n't exactly remember how I got here .
3 I ai n't trying to , it 's just I ca n't walk quick .
4 ‘ It 's just I 'd promised Jos . ’
5 It 's just I do n't relish any of Jahsaxa 's colleagues making a nuisance of themselves here .
6 ‘ It 's just I get to wondering … ’
7 It 's just I 'd like tae know — ye know , how she 's getting on and that . ’
8 It 's just I 've got things to do . ’
9 ‘ It 's just I was wondering … . ’
10 It 's just I do n't really know much about them because they live quietly . ’
11 It 's just I 'd like to make her over .
12 It 's just I 'd like something printed .
13 It 's just I 'm a bit tired tonight , that 's all . ’
14 It 's not such a magnificent thing that I 've got pregnant , it 's just I 'm the only one that 's kept it .
15 Er , it 's just I feel that I 've worked all my days and did without and er er had put savings away and things like that so that when I stopped working to have children I would have money , but if you were means tested , and the money is for the children as well , anyway and the people who , you know , I do n't mean that all people , a lot of people who are supposedly not having money , and getting all these things , they sell them and things like that .
16 It 's just I think , when there 's a couch and there 's white tissues over the couch it probably can look a little bit clinical .
17 Er but that 's just I say , that is my opinion .
18 I do n't mean what I say next either , it 's just I 'm furious with myself , but it comes anyway : ‘ I suppose a fuck would be out of the question ? ’
19 Ha ha , it 's your au — fr … parents ' friend , Janice , Gav beamed , radiating unrepentant guilt ; came round here the other day looking for you we got talking went for a curry had a few drinks ended up back here one thing led to another know how it is always liked older women they 're more experienced know what I mean arf arf anyway spent an extremely enjoyable New Year at her place apart from the usual visit to my folk 's of course oh by the way she 's coming round here tonight I 'm cooking lasagne can you swap rooms seeing Norris wo n't be back until tomorrow it 's just I did n't expect you back until then either , that okay ?
20 it 's just I do n't have any Ventolin .
21 As I say , it does n't bother me constantly all the time , Doctor you know , it 's just I feel I was carrying some shopping down the road
22 It 's just I I It 's just opposite the house , the farm house at Dalvaine , on the right hand side there 's the there 's the old lime kiln , it 's there .
23 It 's just I want
24 I mean it 's just I would n't like it to go any
25 It 's just I get the feeling we could live alongside each other very well .
26 It 's just I do n't feel the need to have them round me any more , and I think that suits them and it 's silly to make them pretend the contrary . ’
27 It 's just I 've , I 've done three years at university now and I , I
28 It 's just I mean as philosophy just very standardly takes words from ordinary language gradually gets a technical meaning , er which is different from the original meaning and then when ordinary speakers use it in the original meaning they get told off .
29 It 's just I was worried they would n't let me in .
30 It 's just I like to know where I stand and which bit of me to tense up before the rubber truncheon lands .
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