Example sentences of "'s [adv] that " in BNC.

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1 if there 's somewhere that that we can
2 It 's mostly that I ca n't sleep . ’
3 It 's right that the Guildford Four have told their stories now to Grant McKee and Ros Franey and First Tuesday , the programme and the producers who dug away , and did much to keep the case alive .
4 Obviously it 's right that we should try and persuade the German government to delay matters as much as possible .
5 It 's right that Joe Hawkins and Allen 's other legendary aggro merchants should now be given a new lease of life , and Allen is absolutely sure of his books ' continued relevance : ‘ The doubts and problems which confronted yesteryear 's skinheads have multiplied at an alarming rate in today 's world .
6 He does n't think it 's right that he should be told that they ca n't hunt on his farm .
7 It 's , it 's rarely that Gail , I do n't think I 've ever seen Gail in here .
8 Well it , when the snow get 's on that it 's gon na break it .
9 So Doris said , Oh well I do n't know what 's on that she said .
10 It 's only that I can not stand possessiveness , it diminishes people . ’
11 I hope you do n't mind my telling you , it 's only that I thought you ought to know . ’
12 ‘ It 's only that I think , maybe , that it 's more the vice of America — no , not vice , I do n't think , but difficulty — to be moralistic in politics .
13 It 's only that she might be passed out in the back yard . ’
14 ‘ It 's only that this is such a vast place , ’ said Snodgrass , firmly .
15 ‘ It 's only that we 'd like to see you happy … ’
16 ‘ Oh , it 's only that I feel I 've been wasting my life !
17 " I hate to cut you short , " said Richard from the hatch , " it 's only that I can hardly expect my staff to be in time if I 'm late myself . "
18 It 's only that I have n't been able to get to the bank , being ill and all that , and I have n't got any money for the rent .
19 It 's only that I 'm sharing text books with the others
20 It 's merely that if there 's more than 50 of them feeling it simultaneously on the same summit then I 'd rather be somewhere else .
21 I think we have to be a little bit careful about this because , of course , erm the feeling is not that once they 've been in the job for a little while that they are still amateurs , it 's merely that we do n't require them to know a great deal about what they 're going to do before they start .
22 It 's basically that we feel the group has to be thrown into different circumstances if it 's going to be stimulated , if it 's going to change .
23 Well g er going back to my starting point that the relative environment of Selby the vis a vis the rest of North Yorkshire erm it 's a point which I 'm sure I 'll repeat in in in the coming days and it 's it 's basically that Selby in comparison with other districts in North Yorkshire is significantly different .
24 And it 's going back to the point that Mr Curtis I think misunderstood me , that 's basically that if you concentrate new growth in one location you have the ability to plan to serve that development by public transport , whereas if you spread it out to all the points of the compass , you know , two hundred houses in one direction of York , two hundred in the opposite direction would become very mor more difficult to serve than would a concentrated er chunk of development , and that 's as simple as that .
25 And that 's basically that charges is it for
26 Erm er it 's basically that there is no stated requirement at present from any of the four nations , for this aircraft to operate on ships er back in the early days of the programme when the the French were involved er we looked at the possibility of designing an aircraft er to provide the whole spectrum of capabilities from air defence er ground attack and also maritime operations off ships and er we we certainly experienced some difficulties in reconciling all those things in one design , which was adequately capable in each of the areas .
27 ‘ It 's enough that you listen .
28 ‘ It 's enough that we hiv Phillis , she never forgets a face . ’
29 As their letter informed me , it 's enough that they know they 're being watched . ’
30 I mean it 's enough that he pays lipservice to it now which you know would n't have even been recognised .
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