Example sentences of "have be [prep] " in BNC.

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1 JOHN Curant 's visits to the racecourse lately have been as a ladies clothing salesman operating from a mobile stand .
2 And we believe that several murders have been as a result of that sort of tension .
3 Rocastle began the first Euro tie in Stuttgart but was substituted at half-time , and all his other five appearances have been as a replacement .
4 Since beginning this letter I have been with Nansen in the Samara district , where the conditions are even worse than in Saratov , in spite of the very good work done by the ARA in Samara and by the Friends in Bouzoulouk .
5 Most of us have been with our artists a very long time .
6 He 's been in it for five years ( only he and Jean Boht have been with the show from the beginning ) and he 's proud of that , he says .
7 CFCs — the main problem — have been with us since the 1930s , a valued invention because they are non-toxic , non-flammable and cheaper to make than any known substitute .
8 The most complex and prolonged human/dolphin associations have been with bottlenose dolphins , but Doak thinks that they are by no means limited to this species .
9 John Innes and peat have been with us ever since .
10 So every day I have been with my little man to see the Mass in the Royal Chapel , to hear the choir in the motet , which is always performed there .
11 Patient-centred approaches such as counselling are being evaluated in a research context and most studies , so far , have been with patients who have chronic illnesses .
12 Apparently , most hunts begin and end high in the mountains , far away from any village , and all those present at the kill have been with the hunt throughout .
13 Though these problems are a characteristic feature of modern life , they have been with us for a very long time .
14 Sometimes we have emerged after a four hour session praying for revival to gulp down the night air with such joy and satisfaction as can only come when we know we have been with God .
15 Existing borrowers who have been with the society for five years or more may get a reduction in their interest rate if they have never been in arrears .
16 What firm is going to take on an untrained man in his forties at a time when it is being forced to lay off people who have been with their business for years ?
17 Ignorance is not a credible excuse and any practitioner found in serious breach of regulations — which have been with us now for more than four years — can expect the Joint Monitoring Unit to be less than sympathetic .
18 Fashion and make-up have been with us for a very long time indeed — there are make-up palettes surviving from ancient Egypt — and although men in certain times and cultures may devote a lot of effort to their appearance , it has remained chiefly a feminine domain .
19 How generous I have been with my genius .
20 You have been with her a long time . ’
21 ‘ Almost everyone in the court was in tears — even the legal teams who have been with us for two years , ’ said Mary .
22 Over 19,000 people have worked for Delta for more than 10 years and over 11,300 people have been with us for over 20 years .
23 Sugar 's last 46 trips have been with an RAAF Squadron .
24 I have been with the church for ten years now . ’
25 Should this happen , you may be entitled to compensation providing you have been with the firm for more than two years .
26 All the drawings were published in a magisterial catalogue by Peter Fuhring in 1987 and have been with Hazlitt for the last eighteen months .
27 Another approach to the competence question has been to ask clients , retrospectively , how satisfied they have been with the service they have had ( Rosenthal 1974 ) .
28 Most do not qualify for redundancy pay , pensions , sick pay or national-insurance benefits until they have been with a firm for two years .
29 Now , if any of your other readers have been with you that length of time then , like me , they will have seen many changes in the magazine in terms of staff , reviews , layout and style .
30 Then he said quickly , for the first time sounding awkward , " You have been with Jasper a long time , have n't you ? "
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