Example sentences of "'s just that " in BNC.

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1 Which was right be had no resemblance to what is commercially thought of a typecasting in any way — it 's just that the mixture was right with Simon Callow .
2 It 's just that I could never remember it afterwards , and anyway everyone seemed to pronounce it differently .
3 You 're perfectly capable of teaching ; it 's just that you 've now got this thing about it . ’
4 It 's just that none of us actually knows how to go about it . ’
5 Why Martha transferred the money before she put her apron on I do n't know — I suppose it 's just that everyone has their own little routines for doing things .
6 It 's just that the powers that be treat us teachers like dirt .
7 Perhaps it 's just that we do n't have enough of those long , thin granite cracks .
8 It 's just that he makes it so damn difficult .
9 ‘ It 's just that we are having a party — after the competition , ’ she added hastily .
10 ‘ It 's just that I might as well have stayed in the sitting-room , that 's all . ’
11 It 's just that he wants to let off steam , and you 're the only person he can lose his temper with .
12 It 's just that they were not inclined to help him out .
13 And often it 's not that they never had anywhere to live , it 's just that they could n't cope with the responsibilities and the isolation of living on their own .
14 It 's just that there are some things the mind-set is not adjusted to and I was tuned in for bracing winds , long place names and snatches of Tom Jones .
15 On the subject of using the past , making references , it 's just that it 's impossible to evade the past , it 's here , it 's being thrown at you , and you have to deal with it .
16 ‘ It 's just that the only person who saw her on Saturday was the Minister — Mr Hawick . ’
17 But it is not political any longer ; it 's just that more people seem to be doing damage to more people , especially old people , single people , those who live alone .
18 ‘ It 's just that there really is trouble at t'mill , ’ she said quietly .
19 It 's just that you wrote one to another girl .
20 ‘ No , it 's just that the pressure is off him now , ’ says Frank Whaley , the standout in Stone 's last box-office hit , Born On The Fourth Of July , and the actor who plays The Doors ' mild-mannered guitarist Robbie Krieger .
21 It 's just that he went one way and I went another .
22 It 's just that I 've got this feeling about it all .
23 ‘ It 's just that most people only realise that in dreams .
24 ‘ It is n't that he has totally gone away , it 's just that I ca n't see him as I used to . ’
25 Not that I want to look as if I shop at Next , or look cute , or anything , it 's just that I ca n't afford to dress the way I 'd like to .
26 It 's not that I 'm particularly unhappy with the shape of my body or with my image , it 's just that I worry all the time about what people think about me , what impression they are getting .
27 It 's not her fault Petya wo n't speak to me ; it 's just that he turned against me when I divorced his mother .
28 I was not supposed to clean there , it 's just that I love reading and sometimes I feel starved .
29 It 's just that you see mine as being somewhat different from most other people 's . ’
30 It 's just that I need , we all need , your co-operation if any kind of arrangement is to work out . ’
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