Example sentences of "'s i do " in BNC.

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1 It 's I do n't know what it was , er they hardly , we were having a discussion with the doctor , erm none of them would put forward their opinions or their views or what they thought
2 It 's I do n't think it 's hilly , because you 're up the hill , you 're already up the hill .
3 I find quite a difference aye , there 's I do n't know in what way but , I enjoy it better .
4 So , so erm wh which , you know , made me smile and I 'm sure it did everybody else but whenever you were asking a question to Martin you , you started laughing as you were telling it erm and that 's I do n't think that I would actually have
5 Yeah but it 's I do n't know .
6 Erm , but if it 's I do n't know anything about the weather , so I could n't look at that and analyse it in any way .
7 Well , no , it 's it 's I do n't know whether political science could be exact , er ,
8 performer transposer or whatever it 's I do n't want to limit myself to just saying , I 'm a teacher other things as well .
9 Of course there 's I do n't know whether you 'd well you wo n't if you have n't been involved but we for the last last year and this year we 've had this children from er there 's a a sort of Nottingham University
10 She 'd got thing in her in her er yeah what 's what it is up she damaged it ooh some years ago and it 's been a bit weak since like , you know but sh it was only a few weeks ago we got some computer big computer , with big discs and she twisted her hand in in pulling one out , you know it 's I do n't how , the fell or something and she went to cash it or whatever and of course we 're riding the motorbike for the like you have to change gear it 's only a small seater , your bike 's open
11 Well yeah , but it 's a it 's I do n't want to go back out I mean .
12 But I think he 's I do n't think he 's misformed at all .
13 That 's right , yeah do goes out seems to me if it 's not windy , it 's I do n't mind how cold it is , it 's the wind I
14 but I still would n't like my mother to see big lovebites all over my neck , I do n't think it 's I do n't think it looks nice anyway .
15 I I said well I suppose it 's I do and he said but you work hard June , I said I know but I said kno I said what I do , I can only have hour out there and an hour inside .
16 I do n't think he 's I do n't think he 's interested as you is he really ?
17 He was but he 's I do n't know whether he 's back just for today or what ?
18 I do n't know what 's I do n't , I was n't there but I mean like .
19 I think them what 's I do n't see that .
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