Example sentences of "'s to be " in BNC.

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1 If that 's to be counted eccentricity , then Evan was an eccentric .
2 And what 's to be said of his declaration , as late as 1964 ( in Confucius to Cummings , the anthology he put together with Marcella Spann ) , that Ford 's insistence on ‘ the limpidity of natural speech , driven towards the just word , not slopping down … into the more ordinary Wordsworthian word ’ was ‘ the most important critical act of the half-century ’ ?
3 It 's to be found in From the Life ( 1944 ) : one hundred sheets of wartime austerity paper to which Phyllis Bottome commits ‘ six studies of my friends ’ — that 's to say , Alfred Adler , Max Beerbohm , Ivor Novello , Sara Delano Roosevelt , Ezra Pound , and Margaret MacDonald Bottome ( this last the writer 's American grandmother who in her forties became an influential evangelical orator ) .
5 It 's to be expected , it 's what men do . ’
6 I think a lot of us want to be noticed — I know I do — and when we get dressed up , or put make-up on , it is n't to hide behind the make-up , like some people think , it 's to be noticed , to say : Look at me !
7 She says she 's to be in Leningrad for a day or two — she 's on location at Lake Baikal — to meet Mrs Reagan on her flying visit to the Hermitage .
8 It was the first real ballet of John 's to be seen at Covent Garden , since his dances for operas had so far all been on a small scale , and it was far from being a success .
9 ‘ I 'll have you down at my place , try you out , see what 's to be done .
10 Sit yourself down here ’ — she pointed to the bed — ‘ and let's work out what 's to be done . ’
11 He gathered rocks , but found a dredge such as the Hudson 's to be a crude sampling tool .
12 ‘ It 's to be another expedition that will start then .
13 ‘ Usually , ’ he went on , ‘ when there 's to be a police raid of any sort we know about it before it happens .
14 The Kings Head arranged for Bill , now in his 80 's to be brought down , from the North of Inverness , to have his pint at last .
15 There 's to be a cock-main at the Galleon pit tonight and I reckon to go , but I ai n't going skint . ’
16 It it 's to be expanded beyond that , we need to find ways of storing power produced on blowy days to use when it 's calm .
17 We would expect Mrs Reynolds 's to be present .
18 ‘ If that 's how it 's to be , then that 's that , ’ he said and turning away , climbed the ladder into what was still his room .
19 Variety trumpeted : ‘ It 's a new ballgame ; the artists and scientists of the world 's cinema center are unhesitant about saying to all the world that there 's to be no hesitation about subject matter .
20 It 's to be the usual passive wanks from now on .
21 She 's no longer interested in what 's to be done here . ’
22 ‘ She 's to be named ‘ Jane ’ after Charlotte 's mother , ’ Ernest said .
23 If I have a pipe dream now , it 's to be involved in a Championship-winning side .
24 It 's to be held in Manchester by local churches and YWAM .
25 ‘ I 'll take the dogs for a walk up by the river and see what 's to be seen .
26 Eric Cantona 's to be precise .
27 ‘ There 's to be a big town meeting tonight , ’ said the vole , pressing water from his fur .
28 It 's WBO super-middleweight champion Eubank 's ninth world title fight in just 22 months — and there 's to be no let-up in his quest to earn the money that can give him retirement in the next year .
29 I 'll bide a wee while in your hospital , but there 's to be no cosseting , you 'll understand ! ’
30 She sighed deeply before ending , ‘ What 's to be done , Ben ? ’
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