Example sentences of "were [verb] to " in BNC.

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1 One could hardly wear garments that were ripped to shreds and spattered with blood .
2 Some of the images were traced to an account by an author on Kashmir , and some to another one of Florida by a different author .
3 A number of recent kidnappings were traced to its labyrinthine streets and alleys .
4 The fugitives were traced to Sydney . ’
5 Staff and resources allocated to it were redirected to a major project intended to regenerate east Glasgow .
6 This rule proved too severe for the courts and exceptions were developed to it .
7 The two lancet windows were erected to the memory of Rev. Jonah Nalson who was Vicar of Halling for thirty three years .
8 From the mobility of each polypeptide of the expressed proteins on SDS-PAGE , the M.wt. of r74s containing the C-terminal sequence down to the 435th , 356th , 256th , 205th , 136th and 73rd amino acid were calculated to be 74 , 62 , 32 , 27 , 21 and 16kDa , respectively .
9 During the placebo experiments basal serum gastrin was 10 ( 1 ) pM , meal stimulated serum gastrin values peaked at 54 ( 4 ) pM , while integrated meal stimulated serum gastrin responses were calculated to be 157 ( 13 ) pM/hour ( Figs 1–3 ) .
10 Of course , SERPS rights had to be forfeited , but for younger people these were calculated to be worth much less than the personal pension could offer .
11 Other villages linked with Young Farmers ' Clubs for joint activities and the social purpose of the WEA was exemplified through course-linked visits to theatres in Cambridge and Oxford while other visits were arranged to Parliament .
12 The house , their chamber , the food were arranged to perfection , and after the brutish clangour of Famagusta they should have been in a state of bewildered gratitude .
13 When he became Minister of the Interior and thus boss of the Securitate , its various intelligence activities and methods were explained to him .
14 All nursing and medical procedures were explained to Mr Reynolds and he was asked his preferences wherever possible .
15 On two evenings there were demonstration experiments , in electricity , optics , magnetism and gyroscopes , with an exhibition of photographs of the Moon ; and on the last evening was a meeting where the proceedings of the General Committee and the allocation of grants were explained to members .
16 THE advantages of two Royal Bank services — Electronic Data Interchange and Royline — were explained to a group of solicitors and accountants during an evening presentation at Walsall Branch .
17 We had a good meeting today , the problems were explained to the interested parties and now we are in the hands of the Football League . ’
18 Ungar ( 1973 ) alleges that the test results on which Merrell secured permission from the Federal Drug Administration to market the chemical substance were proven to be ‘ doctored ’ , thus concealing the extent to which the company knew of the drug 's adverse side-effects .
19 Both boys faced South Sefton Youth Court in Bootle on Monday and were remanded to the care of Liverpool City Council .
20 The scalding flood swamped hundreds of homes and many people were plucked to safety by helicopter .
21 With seconds to spare the two girls were plucked to safety by firemen wearing breathing apparatus .
22 Four youngsters were plucked to safety yesterday after becoming trapped on a cliff ledge at Seaham after the tide cut them off .
23 THREE young canoeists are lucky to be alive this morning after they were plucked to safety minutes before being swept to sea .
24 ‘ Edward came to Corfe from a hunt , and while his attendants were seeing to the dogs she allured him to her with female blandishment and made him lean forward . ’
25 After an international outcry , the sentences were commuted to life imprisonment , and the couple were adopted as prisoners of conscience by Amnesty International .
26 When the court 's judgement was reviewed by the Armed Forces Ruling Council ( AFRC ) , Nigeria 's principal decision-making body , on Oct. 31 , however , the death sentences were commuted to terms of life imprisonment .
27 At the Restoration King Charles II caused 30 January , his father 's day of execution , to be proclaimed as an annual day of fasting , for which forms of service for Morning and Evening Prayer , drawn up by Convocation , were annexed to the Book of Common Prayer .
28 Ecclesiastical canons now required royal sanction , all proceeds from the taxes of annates and tenths were annexed to the crown , and final appeals against judgments in the ecclesiastical courts were to be made to the king in the court of Chancery .
29 They resist the Hungarian claim that the three regions of Slavonia , Croatia and Dalmatia were annexed to Hungary .
30 They they were experimenting to erm reproduce a space what it 's like in space when erm debris since the space shuttle and then er
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