Example sentences of "we just [verb] " in BNC.

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1 We , we actually lived in th the corner shop is right on the corner if you 've come up High street on the bus and your Co-op would be on that corner , your church and your Co-op 's on the corner , and just turns there and I only lived just down that street , so we never had to have it delivered because we just popped up er and my brother and I , I can so remember us going with our two big bags you know and we , you know how you do when families meet you know and he 'll say that 's the time , because dad , we never knew dad hit us and yet you 'd of thought he was , we , we were so scared it must have been his voice you know , that he erm that we was so scared that everything was all correct from the Co- op .
2 We just popped out to get a beer and a burger , down-state a ways .
3 We just came for five years … ’ : writings about young life in Jamaica and adult life in England .
4 However the guys did n't give up , and we just came out and turned the game around . ’
5 ‘ Did you see that stuff in the room we just came through ? ’
6 We just came prepared . ’
7 ‘ There was such an incredible level of will involved , ’ reflects Rowland , ‘ and we just took it for granted that we were , like , better than everybody else by about 50 million miles .
8 ‘ We devised some pretty crude mechanisms for extracting cash from the operating companies every quarter — we did n't even bother to classify it as dividend or interest or repayment of loans , we just took the cash away from them and told them to manage with less .
9 ‘ I suppose we just took it that he would , and were n't surprised that he made a pretence of being unconcerned and going his own way about it .
10 Securicor have joined the cowboys on the contract guarding and really I mean you must be getting sick of us getting up every time about security guards , but it 's an important problem and you must know that a lot of you must work at places where you 've got guards on the gate and we all should take a bit of interest in going to see these guards , find out that they 're working for two pound or two pound forty an hour , they 're working as many hours a week as they 'll actually work with no overtime rate , no night rate , no benefits worth having and I mean really I wish you 'd go to your companies and try and arrange site allowances , cos that 's the only way we 'll get any improvements , but when we talk about resolving grievances , we just took in Yorkshire region someone to a tribunal for constructive dismissal .
11 Er it seems to me that erm there are probably quite a few policies in the structure plan that could be omitted if we just took the all the P P Gs as read .
12 Draw it up , and here we just took suggestions from everybody , but what you can do , if you 're on your own , write it down on a piece of paper , and ev , when every time something occurs to you , you put it down .
13 Well the others have made a bit , we just took it for granted that she was giving us ten per cent rise , and did n't bother , cos they trusted her , but
14 We just went in and did everything for everybody .
15 As well as the joking , we just went out to enjoy the practice .
16 ‘ John 's method of working would be : ‘ Okay , this is in C , ’ and unless it had abnormal changes we just went for it .
17 ‘ The band had only been together a couple of months before we started recording that album , so we did n't have time to think about it too much — we just went in and did it .
18 ‘ In the race we just went for them .
19 ‘ The Italians were bigger , stronger and older than us but in the end we just went for their throats .
20 So we just went in and recorded it . ’
21 ‘ There was peach cup — that was very good ; and we played guessing games and I won three times and later on they rolled up the carpet — figuratively — we just went out on the terrace and turned on the gramophone and danced . ’
22 Yes , we just went round the houses and we said to the people , you know , why we was getting nicked , and they just signed their names .
23 he certainly found me and from there we just went from strength to strength and erm were still have together .
24 We just went right through — Britain , France , Italy , Germany — we got arms from them all . ’
25 And we just went up you know just the two of us asks is there anything we can do you know sort of was as simple as that really and it just er grew from that .
26 I really I was seeing her , because I was n't happy about the publicity , the way it had described audio description I did n't think it was good and Alex was unhappy about the way they were describing some language things , which cos they 're not doing erm , and we just went in and he just said right just , erm well I 've kept you some seats for a performance on the sixteenth of September , this was about the
27 I mean , those are just we just went out and chucked a few fucking trees down .
28 Yeah so we just went pretended to take a photo and she 'd psshoooow and she 'd shoot off .
29 Just it was a beautiful day , so I said why not stay for an hour , so we got out , out , in , so we , as it is , , you know we just went round a little bit , and it 's very tidy and nice , biscuits .
30 and er we just went for about ten minutes , but she 's alright in herself
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