Example sentences of "we to be " in BNC.

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1 The question modern sectarian formations have to ask themselves is also the same question as the early church asked : ‘ Are we to be exclusive or inclusive ? ’
2 ‘ For how long are we to be deprived of the company of the lovely new bride ? ’ a voice spoke silkily behind them .
3 But the issue is , on which type of crime ought we to be concentrating ?
4 ‘ How ’ , the teachers asked , ‘ are we to be trained and to find the time to do the job , without any extra resources ? ’
5 ‘ Are we to be destroyed from inside , too , a country which successfully repelled and destroyed Philip of Spain , Napoleon , the Kaiser , Hitler ? ’
6 Were we to be trapped there until high tide lifted us off ?
7 Studying the fossil record enables us to show what must have happened , but , as Stephen J. Gould has been the most recent to argue , were we to be able to wind the clock of evolution backwards towards the origin of life on earth , and then run it forward once more , quite different outcomes would most likely have occurred ; not only would there probably have been no humans , but perhaps not even any brains .
8 Are we to be killed by the Cubans or the Russians ? ’
9 Well we were up there one time er at the Lothian region and we to be up and tell that this was imposing higher things on , higher prices on both the bus buses , because they were raising the bus fares at the same time , and they were increasing the lunch club .
10 Is the Department of Trade and Industry prepared to do anything to help the efforts of my hon. Friend the Member for Motherwell , South ( Dr. Bray ) to try to secure thin slab steel production in Scotland — or are we to be left entirely to the mercy of that virtual private monopoly , the British Steel Corporation ?
11 As the rest of Europe and the world progresses , are we to be left in a quagmire of despair at the end of another parliamentary Session , another era and another century ?
12 ‘ Are we to be partners or not ? ’ she muttered .
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