Example sentences of "as give you " in BNC.

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1 This can help to sustain , protect and help healthy growth as well as give you peace of mind .
2 These are usually presented as small corners made up in the particular moulding to give you an idea of the finished effect , but any reputable framer will be able to answer any questions you have , as well as give you plenty of sound advice should you need it .
3 Even then , it is not so bad as to give you taxi syndrome .
4 There is little point in writing an excellent script if it fails , through your own fault , to be processed in such a way as to give you full credit .
5 ‘ You all live here in comfort , protected by people who care about you , who feed and clothe you , and pay you a wage every week as well as giving you a home … ’
6 We 're very competitive with building society high interest savings accounts , as well as giving you instant access to your money and all for a minimum balance of £500 .
7 As well as giving you all the benefits of AA Relay , it makes servicing your car a more relaxing experience .
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