Example sentences of "had only just " in BNC.

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1 Then there was the question of the paternity of Mrs Clancy 's last child : Mr Clancy had only just returned from Egypt after a two-year posting , and — as Peony had pointed out — the child was only 14 months old .
2 And besides , they had only just met .
3 For example , emotional problems are often presented as justification for a person 's drunkenness , especially if they are female , and on one occasion a youth who had been involved in an accident but who had only just passed his driving test was let off with a caution by a policewoman in sympathy for his inexperience .
4 The designer 's job had only just begun , he said .
5 They had only just recovered from dealing with all the correspondence and presents from the wedding ; six days later , when the pregnancy became official , lorry loads of letters , bibs and baby boots rained down upon them .
6 ‘ This we consider to be a retrograde and unnecessary step , ’ particularly since these powers had only just been vested in the NRA under the Water Act , he said .
7 If anything , he had only just got wound up .
8 He concentrated the Sandinista troops along the Honduran frontier ; offered to end arms imports until after the election ; gave assurances of safe conduct to returning rebels ; and then said he was ready to reinstate the ceasefire he had only just abrogated .
9 Although the first British atomic bomb had only just been tested a month before at Monte Bello Island off the north-west coast of Australia , the British government , under Churchill 's leadership , decided remarkably quickly in December to follow the American lead and to build its own hydrogen bomb as soon as possible .
10 Charles felt a bit starchy in battle dress which had only just been issued to the TA .
11 This may not have been immediately obvious from the results of the 1935 General Election , for the Party had only just accepted Attlee as its leader on the eve of the election .
12 There was a smell of coffee in the air and a feeling that every room had only just been vacated by somebody .
13 He had only just arrived , had n't even booked in .
14 It was disappointing to discover on asking if I could have them to find that the museum had only just got round to registering what appeared to be Audubon 's proofs .
15 MR MAJOR said last night that he had only just begun the tasks he had set himself .
16 Anyway that thought decided me to make for the bedroom but I was late starting and had only just reached the top of the stairs when he was half-way up with the big brown teapot held in his pelting position .
17 He had only just recovered from another bout of serious illness and was still extremely weak .
18 Pronethalol had only just come into clinical use when it was found to produce tumours in mice .
19 He left Grace and Peggy behind with the intention of travelling for a while in Europe , but he had only just landed in South Africa when Grace realized that she was going to have another child .
20 I had only just joined the school as my family had recently moved into the area .
21 These days he had trouble recalling the troublesome fragments of his education he had bothered to memorize in the first place ; the names of a few acquaintances were jumbled together with old verb forms and things he thought were childhood haunts turned out to be places he had only just discovered .
22 I felt a momentary regret for all the waves I would never ride , when I had only just learned how .
23 The group found themselves part of a movement called ‘ Shambling ’ , which was largely a reaction to the po-faced stance of goth that had only just entered its coffin .
24 He then visited Quebec Barracks and saw the new brick buildings there which had only just replaced the old South African war huts .
25 The members of this permanent staff had adjusted themselves to captivity , but prisoners passing through had only just been shot down and were still unsure and bewildered .
26 If the dispute had ended there , the exchange of words would have passed into football folklore as further evidence of Gallacher 's greatness , but the bad boy from Bellshill had only just begun .
27 We were not feeling at all holy when we went in , having decided that all men were rotters , and fancy leaving us at Christmas for a couple of dames they had only just met !
28 Soon my working day was over , but the night had only just begun , the streets and piazzas just beginning to hum with life .
29 The aspirations of the knightly class at its best and the sense that Christendom must go over to the offensive against Islam are nowhere more succinctly expressed than in this poem , written when the Christian reconquest of Spain was well under way , but when the crusades had only just begun , shortly before or shortly after the launching of the First Crusade .
30 In 1798 the threat of military invasion from Napoleonic France had only just ebbed when the Bishop of Durham announced to a startled House of Lords that it had come to his attention that the only reason the enemy forces had backed away from military invasion was because they had hit on a more sinister method of bringing Britannia to heel .
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