Example sentences of "had been for " in BNC.

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1 During my blue period my life also seemed to become a lot more structured than it had been for a while .
2 For many lifetimes railway practice had been for locomotives and rolling stock to be downgraded or ‘ cascaded ’ from front line to secondary services .
3 Mick was less fortunate , and when I awoke in the depressing gloom of dawn , he reported that the weather was very much better than it had been for a long time .
4 The England that Pound mourns the loss of is , as it had been for him from the first , an integral province of western Europe , sharing a common culture with France and always reaching out , through France , to the shores of the Mediterranean .
5 The sky was clearer than it had been for a week , and massive , but hardly elegant , Storskarfjell stood out like a white tent .
6 He was drinking like a fish , and had been for weeks .
7 In addition , the Rayner review of the service introduced not only cuts but a new philosophy that official figures , which previously had been for the service of the nation as a whole , were now to be tied far more closely to the requirements of the government of the day .
8 A recent divorce petition cited the fact that just about every wall , fitment and piece of furniture in the home was in a half-dismantled or half-done state and had been for years .
9 It was in his experience difficult for most people to prove conclusively exactly where they had been for any forty-eight-hour period , members of the Metropolitan police force always excepted , and this was going to make his life very difficult .
10 Morale on the shop floor was higher than it had been for a long year and an unhealthy atmosphere of optimism and hope pervaded the plant .
11 An older age group of superior tradesmen here and there — the public bar fraternity shunned the place , for this had been for many years the snob pub of Belgravia .
12 It is unlikely that anti-Semitism was as powerful in its motivational force for recruits in the Party 's ‘ mass phase ’ after 1929–30 as it had been for the early activist core of the NSDAP .
13 According to H. C. Robbins Landon , it was the Tristan und Isolde shortly before that , a production of swarming darkness and rare musical sensibility , that had been for many people one of the greatest of all their musical experiences .
14 There had been for many years various organizations to co-ordinate Nonconformist work in both political and religious fields and the oldest bodies dated back to the previous century .
15 He was , as golf professionals had been for a hundred years , a serf .
16 The original intention had been for the Quins players , seven of whom were in England 's Grand Slam squad , to have Easter off .
17 They were unfortunate in that batting conditions for them were not as favourable as they had been for the West Indians .
18 Ipswich were as lethargic at the start of the second half as they had been for the majority of the first and on the hour , in an attempt to liven them up , Lyall brought off Milton and Goddard to introduce Palmer and Johnson .
19 The initial impetus came from the Managing Director of one of the largest of the Harris Tweed manufacturers — the son of a crofter and himself a fisherman in his early days The Association was , however , given its distinctive shape and its constitution by the first chairman , Rev. Ian Carmichael , a Gaelic-speaker from Lismore who was a minister in Stornoway at the time , and who had had considerable experience of welfare work in industry , and had been for some years vice convener of one of the largest local authorities in Scotland .
20 But the issue was still a tactical one , as it had been for Marx ; national liberation was a means to support or obstruct the unity of the working class and the achievement of socialist revolution in Russia , not a matter of general principle .
21 The PLO felt able to play what had been for fifteen years its ‘ last card ’ — recognition of Israel — because it had gained a stronger one through the Uprising .
22 The trend of things had been for agricultural land to go out of production because it was easier to earn a living working in Israel .
23 Most of his earlier stage designs had been for opera , and the latest of them , Simon Boccanegra , had been the big hit of the preceding season .
24 The nearest one had been for the use of the Conway 's house , the second one was for the use of Tommy Grant and his family .
25 For instance , the single person 's National Insurance retirement pension in 1990 is worth 26 per cent more than unemployment benefit , whereas back in 1972 they were paid at the same rate and had been for most of the period since 1948 .
26 All her brave effort had been for nothing .
27 I happened to see Sir John Woods [ Permanent Secretary to the Board of Trade ] tonight and he told me that Sir Stafford Cripps had been reading the minutes of Cabinet committees during his absence [ in India , where he had been for nearly four months trying to reach a settlement which would lead to independence ] and had been depressed by the amount of time and energy taken up in the Ministerial Committees with the discussion of quite minor matters which individual Ministers ought to settle in their discretion .
28 It was a fortress town and a trading centre , as it had been for the Romans 800 years earlier .
29 His first feelings of love had been for that gloriously liberated and beautiful tomboy .
30 But at the time I felt rejected and useless , because I was n't needed in the way I had been for so long. ,
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