Example sentences of "[noun] just around the corner " in BNC.

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1 Yet it is easy for pioneer users and IT investors to remain with the tried and tested applications and miss out on the cutting edge opportunities just around the corner .
2 This manifesto does not promise good times just around the corner .
3 They would be based in Union Quay barracks just around the corner ; that would be their home .
4 WITH the two main floodlit tournaments in Junior Rugby just around the corner , many clubs are looking forward to the opportunity to sharpen their skills in preparation for the first batch of league matches .
5 But with a general election just around the corner , some of Gloucestershire 's councillors are gambling that the politcal temperature may soon change enough to take the heat out of any future moves to charge cap the authority .
6 Nowadays we are so scattered about the country that it is very unlikely that any of us would have a Stainey just around the corner who could be relied upon to put up a first class polish .
7 ‘ This particular tie-up is everything we stand for two companies just around the corner from each other which were dealing with firms from outside the area .
8 So far neither are demonstrating much recognition of their respective energy apocalypses just around the corner .
9 An emergency appeal for blankets has been issued , but with winter just around the corner , they 're already predicting a crisis this Christmas .
10 When she 'd called him , she 'd been no closer to Vine Street than the corridor pay phone just around the corner .
11 With the view here towards Kirkby Bentinck , it is interesting to relate that the colour light signal was still glowing red just around the corner .
12 Here , patients do not feel remote because of the closeness of the town with shops , pubs , galleries and parking just around the corner .
13 I saw him only last night just around the corner .
14 It could just as well have been the 20th birthday of the Eden Gardens tea urn , and as far as the Indian government is concerned , there is nothing like an international cricket tournament for persuading the electorate that , with polling day just around the corner , Rajiv is the boy to vote for .
15 ‘ There 's a practice area just around the corner and the starter will call you to the tee five minutes before you are due to tee off , ’ he said .
16 It was a great advertisement for Test cricket , with the instant variety of the World Cup just around the corner .
17 There is a case to be made for those starving and living in cardboard boxes just around the corner
18 For example , consider the following exchange : A ( to passer by ) : I 've just run out of petrol B : Oh ; there 's a garage just around the corner Here B 's utterance may be taken to implicate that A may obtain petrol there , and he would certainly be being less than fully cooperative if he knew the garage was closed or was sold out of petrol ( hence the inference ) .
19 Computer technology is developing all the time , and there may be some great new gizmo just around the corner that you 'll want to use in your PC .
20 But with their own economy in bad shape , and with the EC 's single market just around the corner , the Swedes will soon be setting sail again .
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