Example sentences of "' leave " in BNC.

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1 Henry Tyler had had an unexpected few days ' leave and had descended on his married sister and her husband in the small market town of Berebury in Calleshire without a great deal of warning .
2 Training has been completed for the week , and the platoon which paraded for its Pass-Off today has now left the barracks for ten days ' leave prior to posting to various battalions in England , Ulster and around Europe .
3 He would not need above four days ' leave from them and since Oreste is now or will be by then nearly three which is the age Pen first travelled at I can not see any reason why he need inconvenience the party .
4 Provisions for parental leave range from 18 months ' low flat rate pay in Germany , or six months ' leave at 30 per cent of earnings in Italy , to three months ' unpaid leave in Greece .
5 This saving of time , together with our two days ' leave , gave us a full forty-eight hours at home .
6 Wendy and I saved up two days ' leave for New Year , and we decided to spend it with my cousin , through whom we had the marriage connection .
7 three days ' leave , and a chance for the first time in many months to reflect on life .
8 Some time during the few days ' leave , when talking about my life — not work , of course — at Bletchley , I must rashly have let slip the fact that occasionally I was tired .
9 Mr Silvers , however , had remembered the significance the visit would have for my father , and had thus called him in to offer him the option of taking several days ' leave for the duration of the General 's stay .
10 L Detachment was thus judged ready for operations , and to wind down were given a few days ' leave to be spent in Cairo .
11 It is assumed that , having married an Englishwoman , he returned to France in December 1788 at the end of his six months ' leave .
12 On the advice of M Broussonet MD FRS , perpetual secretary of the Royal Society of Agriculture in Paris , he took the momentous step of obtaining six months ' leave of absence to visit England .
13 In June 1990 , with the General Commissioners ' leave , a notice was issued requiring details of Mr and Mrs Kempton 's assets and liabilities , income and expenditure for the years 1985 to 1989 inclusive .
14 On 28 February 1984 , with the Special Commissioners ' leave , W raised an extended time limit assessment on Stipplechoice for the period 1 February 1977 to 25 October 1977 .
15 Fixed-term contracts vary widely in terms of the number of days ' leave given .
16 When he fell ill in 1857 he was granted £30 to enable him to get away for the winter , and six months ' leave of absence shortly afterwards .
17 Sarah had a few days ' leave while Joe was home and Maureen suggested , while Anne and her father were present , that Joe took Sarah out sometimes .
18 She wrote that she would prefer not to come home , but Tony and Maureen got a few days ' leave and travelled to Kent to see her .
19 At the time she was on six months ' leave from WWF International 's Swiss office , where she heads the conservation news service and edits WWF News .
20 During three weeks ' leave in England he resigned his Trinity scholarship and made a conscious decision to return to Spain for the duration of the war .
21 My father was due four months ' leave and this they spent at Beachley , his attractive house near Chepstow at the mouth of the Severn .
22 This tour of duty also included my first spell in command when Phil took his three weeks ' leave .
23 She was taking eight months ' leave without pay from Coronation , but in the back of her mind was the odd feeling that she would n't be going back , and she did n't quite know what it meant .
24 A Kazakh government commission was sent to Leninsk , and gave all conscripts 10 days ' leave and extra food and cigarettes .
25 I represented this city at Florence at the cost of two days ' leave , and having my pocket picked at the station
26 Each enemy plane shot down brought the victor three days ' leave , and a palm-leaf to add to his ribbons .
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