Example sentences of "over a long period [prep] [art] " in BNC.

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1 Those few casual workers in the catering industry who do seem to work on a more or less continuous , almost full-time basis over a long period for a single organisation ( the plaintiffs in the oft-cited " O'Kelly case " ) , tend to possess skills which that organisation , and indeed other potential employers , value .
2 Conversely , some econometricians have argued that it is more cost effective to use a ‘ drip ’ system , advertising more or less continuously over a long period at a very low weight .
3 The styles of learning in Koranic schools and catechist classes have predictable effects on the way children learn in school , but the missionary tradition in education is responsible for so much else besides , ( over a long period of the history of formal education the great majority of schools were missionary schools ) .
4 The large increase in coastal shipping after 1760 was built on a transport facility which had already proved itself over a long period among the most valuable of the country 's natural assets .
5 For a start , it allows spreading to be carried over a longer period during the winter months ( Table 1 ) .
6 Staggered working hours would spread travelling times over a longer period of the day and in many cases allow more efficient use of factories , offices , schools and the equipment therein .
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