Example sentences of "over a [adv] long period [prep] " in BNC.

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1 The fact that it is very difficult to do does n't prevent a lot of people wishing to achieve it , but it is very seldom that , in the industrial world , anybody has achieved and held continuously a pre-eminent position over a very long period of time .
2 This was particularly the case with patients who had been given methadone reduction over a relatively long period of time , say two to three months .
3 This of course was not the main part of the work , but a pilot study used to test and refine some hypotheses about the wider sociolinguistic situation , which was then investigated more fully over a much longer period of time .
4 But you know we have to look beyond the first year or two , we have to look at what 's going to happen to that school over a much longer period of time , and quite frankly erm I would feel safer with erm what was called the big brother of the Local Authority .
5 What we try to do is to make available to people opportunities for study in depth and over a fairly long period of time , on issues and in subjects which are part of University activity .
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