Example sentences of "[been] to be " in BNC.

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1 How thrilled the girl had been to be going to the Holy City , how lovely she had looked in a jacket of scarlet silk , a birthday present given only the day before by Mrs Browning , how she had glowed and shivered with anticipation …
2 ‘ My style has always been to be analytical , ’ says the man who gained a double first in maths at King 's College , Cambridge .
3 My one ambition had been to be a pro , and I got to ten handicap .
4 What a relief it would have been to be able to dismiss it all as a Homes and Gardens photo-call , carefully stage-managed to make visitors drop dead .
5 Well you took all this sort of things in your stride but the next day we heard about these houses being knocked down , you see , and I think that 's the nearest I 've been to be killed but one day , one Saturday and that was in a daylight raid , one Saturday afternoon because , you see , I was off every afternoon but I worked till ten every night , you see , and er so erm but of course Hugh worked during the day and he was off in the evening , that 's why he used to come down to see , to see us and er he used to come in er you see and leave his lodgings and , oh be about nine o'clock and he spent the last day up there perhaps with his friends , have a chat , and er , you see , and but er and I was walking along it was called and suddenly a plane came over and I thought oh I expect it 's one of ours .
6 Alain did not know what a shock it had been to be dragged up those stairs and to find a room like a small time capsule , the very essence of the man she had not known still lingering there .
7 Little Gino , whose ambition had always been to be taller than four foot ten , had got a little too interested when it was his turn and even in the candlelight we could all see that he 'd deliberately got his charm bracelet tangled in one of Sorrel 's suspenders .
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