Example sentences of "[been] know for " in BNC.

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1 The area has not been know for fashion stores for a long time , but the new Criterion building is the location of Sogo , the new drive-in fashion store .
2 It has been known for the hinges on a canopy to fail or for poorly designed and faulty catches to fail in flight , resulting in a lost canopy .
3 I will ask him some time what prompted his winning play but it has been known for players to forget matters like that after a week 's hard work .
4 When driving with the rear doors open , as is necessary on warm days to provide ventilation , exhaust fumes escape into the vehicle , making the journey for those in the back even more uncomfortable ; and it has been known for policemen in the back to fall out of the vehicle .
5 It has been known for some years now that records of the electricity activity of the brain during sleep — by electrodes attached to the scalp , face and neck — confirm that different types of sleep exist .
6 The problem of toxics and blue-green algae had been known for a century in countries like Australia and the US where it occurred naturally .
7 It had been known for a long time that histamine was responsible for producing many allergies and the first antihistamine drug was produced in France in 1937 .
8 Although the existence of nitrate pollution and its health implications had been known for decades , in the UK it was not thought to be much of a problem until 1984 .
9 Although they have been known for many years their evolutionary position is still hotly debated .
10 Mexicans have always been known for heavy drinking because traditional forms of alcohol are cheap , peasants often making their own , and this is a classic way of forgetting the drudgery of poverty .
11 Other diuretics have been known for a long time , especially arsenical compounds of mercury .
12 Alcohol , opium , cannabis , and tobacco have been known for centuries and the history of each fills many books .
13 Originally bred as a draught animal , its milk has always been known for its quality ( if not quantity ) and it can fairly be called a dual-purpose breed .
14 It had been known for some time that relations between Stephenson and Villa were strained because of the player 's insistence on living in his home-town of Newcastle , and several clubs , keen to secure him , were watching the situation closely .
15 In what must rank as one of the most petty letters ever to emerge from the SFA , an organisation that has never been known for its broad-mindedness , the secretary demanded that the ball be returned .
16 It has been known for centuries that music affects our state of mind and emotions , and so affects our body .
17 The latter phenomenon has been known for some time , Zwaardemaker recording several ‘ cancelling pairs ’ as far back as 1875 , which included :
18 Seeing God in everything has been known for nearly 400 years as pantheism , though the idea is as old as religion itself .
19 It has been known for a tough roadman-sprinter to control the race in these big hills , not to lose much time on the Ballon , then rejoin the leading group , dominate them on the long downhill run into Mulhouse and win the stage .
20 Variants of this reaction have been known for many years .
21 Variants of this reaction have been known for many years .
22 FLARES on the Sun have been known for many years to produce powerful bursts of X-rays , gamma-rays and charged particles .
23 The powerful hydrogen bonding capacity of fluoride , discussed by John Emsley , has been known for some time , but its potential for interfering with the vitally important hydrogen bonds between biomolecules has only recently begun to receive attention .
24 The most common victim of mobbing is the owl , and this phenomenon has been known for centuries .
25 It had never been known for them to stay less than three hours — not that Mum minded .
26 At one time so many people from the area were hanged at Newgate it had been nicknamed Jack Ketch 's Warren , and according to Paddy it had been known for as many as forty constables to march down with cutlasses to control disturbances .
27 The ancient Chinese believed that the electrical energy of the body flowed in specific channels known as the acupuncture meridians , and charts illustrating these have been known for several thousands of years .
28 Garlic has been known for its healing properties for more than 5,000 years .
29 On 2 February 1799 Parson Woodforde , by then in Norfolk , wrote in his diary : ‘ Such severe weather has not been known for the last sixty years till the present ’ .
30 Mail coaches &c. unable to travel … the long continuance of so severe cold Weather having scarce been known for the last Century .
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