Example sentences of "[been] [noun] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Before his reorganisation began , " Kitty " Laidlaw , who had been Allan Hayhurst 's right-hand support for twenty-nine years and had latterly served the BDA in the capacity of administrative Secretary in the office at Carlisle , decided to retire .
2 It says because her boss would of been Kenneth Clarke is it ?
3 There must have been text books around at one time but I can not even identify any titles let alone suppliers .
4 When this happens the rest of the school , who along the way have trained with the successful runner , may have beaten him on occasion , have been course markers , marshals , timekeepers , supporters and team-mates , really feel that sport is n't just another soap opera glimpsed on television or paraded through the back pages of the newspapers — it 's something that they are actively experiencing at first hand for themselves .
5 had been Hull University 's social secretary and was a successful agent representing British and international artists .
6 His three consecutive victims , incidentally , had been M. J. K. Smith , Peter Walker and Fred Trueman .
7 In fact the commonest cause of death on the hill in the last three years in the Lake District has been heart attacks .
8 Well it , it must have been heart trouble the earliest memory I have of that is mother sending me with a neighbour out of Street , a Mrs , to tell my Aunt Lucy which was my dad 's sister , who lived in Street house , house was right opposite their gateway , now Aunt Lucy and there was er her family she w married a fella in and her daughter , her son and me uncle was my dad 's brother , I lived in the house with her , but er I remember tagging this Mrs from the Street down to Street along road and past the hospital , then along Walk and I up in Street , and er tagging Mrs and er Mrs had never met Aunt Lucy and er me Aunt Lucy suffered , what in those days they call it white leg , a woman 's complaint she was bedridden and er when we went in she must have asked why we were there , Mrs was a little bit flabbergasted and I blurted it out oh me dad 's dead , and me Aunt Lucy nearly went into hysterics , so that 's , that 's all I can manage I remember about that .
9 The most important exponent of this view has been Michel Foucault ( 1977 ) .
10 The most notable representative of the latter has been Michel Foucault , who has remorselessly continued the critique of totalizing forms of history and the disavowal of a general philosophy of history in favour of strategic ‘ genealogical ’ analyses .
11 William was born on Monday 9 April 1849 — the only one not to bear a middle Christian name , but then , of course , there had been William Titfords galore back to the 17th century , so the boy was in good company .
12 An important influence here has been William Burroughs 's The Naked Lunch ( 1959 ) which abandons linear sequence in favour of smaller episodes often beginning with pastiches of other texts ( detective novels of the 1940s , film-scripts , etc. ) which are then broken down .
13 Another had been William Temple , Butler 's necessary ally in the passing of his Act .
14 ( One member of the Silverlock family married Matilda de Langford , whose first husband had been William de Mohun — see page 28 . )
15 In Kent , Edward IV 's sheriff had been William Haute , brother of the arrested Richard Haute , and he was now replaced by Sir Henry Ferrers of Peckham , a former servant of Edward IV and a nephew of William lord Hastings .
16 In Kent , Edward IV 's sheriff had been William Haute , brother of the arrested Richard Haute , and he was now replaced by Sir Henry Ferrers of Peckham , a former servant of Edward IV and a nephew of William lord Hastings .
17 Further documentary evidence of his life and work is scanty , but because his will is listed with those in the parish of St Sepulchre , just outside the walls of the City , it has been suggested that his father may have been William Larkin , the host of the Rose inn in that parish .
18 First founded in 1514 , the most famous pupil to date has been William Wilberforce , the slave law reformer .
19 A key figure in the conspiracy was alleged to have been William Casey .
20 Speaking to people nicely may well have been William Charles 's greatest worldly asset , one which would enable him to make a living in the great metropolis , for all his lack of more specific skills .
21 The place gave Johnson another whiff of anthropology : here he stood as if in Africa or Arabia , greeting wild natives in their habitat : these Macraes might have been Xhosa tribesmen , or Tuaregs : ‘ The villagers gathered about us in considerable numbers , I believe without any evil intention , but with a very savage wildness of aspect and manner . ’
22 Berhtfrith praefectus , almost certainly the Berhtfrith who fought on Osred 's side at Bamburgh and who later spoke in favour of a settlement with Wilfrid at the council on the Nidd ( Vita Wilfridi , ch. 60 ) , perhaps also a kinsman of Berhtred , son of Beornhaeth , was involved in a conflict in 711 in what had been Manau Gododdin between the Rivers Avon and Carron when the Picts were defeated ( HE V , 24 ; ASC D , s.a. 710 ; AU s.a. 710 : AT p. 222 ) .
23 ‘ The person in New York you sent a letter to on Beatrix 's behalf-could her name have been van Ryneveld rather than van Ryan ? ’
24 After the 1987 election , the parliamentary party had only eleven MPs who had served in the Guards , and a further eight who had been cavalry officers .
25 In normal circumstances 1939 might have been election year .
26 It could have been Dan Dare in the nursing home .
27 One exception has been Dean Hodgson , a neat and conscientious opener who has been picking up where he left off the season before last .
28 By contrast , although there have been disagreements Israel 's bond with the United States has been rock-solid , built upon agreement ‘ concerning the nature and extent of the Soviet threat to the region ’ .
29 I asked a mystified Robins , who explained with a laugh that it had been Colonel Fawcett 's idea .
30 The sale of the cottage and the setting-up of the trust had been Colonel Smith 's doing .
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