Example sentences of "[that] is for " in BNC.

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1 Maybe when they come to perform to each other that is for them a time for evaluation and assessment , and I consciously make it one , because it 's important when they produce , when they perform their music they really bare their souls .
2 I giant-stepped for a mile or two until I came upon a picture that is for ever engraved on the goggles of my mind .
3 For too long we have regarded the pound as sacrosanct , but who wants to be paid in funny money that is for ever being debased by inflation and buffeted on the financial and foreign exchange markets ?
4 If you can find a section of drain that is for most of the time coloured , for any reason whatsoever , then this would be a very good place to start .
5 Breaking sharply with some of the dominant ideas of traditional labour movement socialism — but not with the necessity of having class politics — the conference leaflet stated that Women for Socialism ‘ aims to create a socialism intrinsically feminist that is for all women including Black women , lesbians and differently abed women … developing an anti-racist , anti-imperialist feminist perspective which is inseparable from the struggle for socialism ’ .
6 In order that is for there to be some change , whether er change er like having a page torn out or a change like moving from one location to another , there also has to be something that stays the same , mainly the subject of change .
7 And then we er we 'll talk in a bit more detail depending on which company you and I decide that er you know once we decide in fact that is for you .
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