Example sentences of "[that] it is " in BNC.

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1 The government has at last acknowledged that ‘ disappearances ’ do take place and that it is a problem which needs addressing , and Amnesty International expects to be submitting cases for investigation by the Commission .
2 You forget that it is a picture as you look at it …
3 One view of the art market is that it is like a staircase with several landings .
4 You may say that it is feeble in colour and monotonous in tone — it may be so , but it touches the heart , it arrests the attention ; and what is the use of all your correct drawing and pure tints , and skill in light and shade , if your subject leaves me cold and unaffected .
5 But if it sometimes seems to be saying , on Salim 's behalf , that race or kinship wins , it is also the case that it is full of losers , that it has a lively feeling for the Africans of market and bush , and for their African troubles , and for the situation of Salim as someone evolved or emerged from a tribal narrowness to an experience of sexual love which is liberating and dramatic , and that it does justice to Metty 's last state , left behind in the dangerous town at the bend in the river .
6 We may be meant to think that time is simultaneous , in a way that may owe something to the simultaneity propounded , ‘ perhaps ’ , in Eliot 's Four Quartets , where ‘ History is now and England ’ ; or that it is cyclical , a turning wheel , with human depravity paling into insignificance as the wheel turns into modern times .
7 This brings with it the corollary that it is not always apparent whether the beliefs he expresses are Ackroyd 's or those of the writer to whom he is exposed , or both .
8 He says that it is ‘ difficult to say when omnipotence becomes powerlessness ’ .
9 By now Kapuscinski is on his ‘ last legs ’ , and he telexes Warsaw to say that he wants to leave and that it is ‘ more or less clear ’ that ‘ the Angolans will win ’ .
10 ‘ As long as you know what you 're doing ’ , she ventures , adding : ‘ And as long as you know that it is right . ’
11 He knows that it is also dualistic .
12 The reader knows that it is Zuckerman 's statement too , that it is fiction , and is likely to remind himself that it could well belong to the infinite regress of the dualistic indeterminable , where claim and counter-claim alternate indefinitely .
13 The reader knows that it is Zuckerman 's statement too , that it is fiction , and is likely to remind himself that it could well belong to the infinite regress of the dualistic indeterminable , where claim and counter-claim alternate indefinitely .
14 But Roth must know that it is likely to be no joke to those who are reading his book .
15 Levi would have understood that challenge , just as I think he would have been happy to agree that it is possible to speak without contradiction of the literal imagination .
16 What should you do if you do n't live in London , and find that it is financially difficult to pay for such courses ?
17 Amateur theatre flourishes almost everywhere , and when you 're beginning it can not be stressed too strongly that it is desirable to obtain some actual stage experience before jumping into the big pool of drama school , or even summer school .
18 Perhaps directors in particular need to realise how much their vitality means to the continuing performance — that it is n't enough to be left up on a stage merely doing it night after night .
19 It tends to have an active or passive belief , whether articulated or not , that it is either superior to , or rightfully distinct from , other similar groups .
20 Some Irish nationalists hold that it is just to unite the nation by force — a typical view of secular nationalism throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in Europe .
21 From Carson to Paisley one finds the argument that it is legitimate to fight to regain one 's fundamental freedom if the sovereign with whom one has covenanted one 's allegiance betrays that allegiance and conducts one into slavery .
22 The alliance is cemented by that traditional political religion , forged in the previous century , which sees the natural law as most accessible to true believers , that it is obligatory to enforce its practice by law , and that those holding other views only have rights to put their views into practice when they are not seen by the bishops to do harm to the social fabric .
23 It is just because whatever one has planned to do is bound to be altered in the process that it is important to start at the right moment , he wrote .
24 It is just because whatever one has planned is bound to change as one proceeds that it is fatal to start too soon or too late , though it may be no less fatal , he wrote ( and Goldberg typed ) , to start at the right time , for then there is no excuse , no excuse whatsoever .
25 Those are the three steps , wrote Harsnet ( typed Goldberg ) , first to make it , then to ensure that it is seen , and finally to finish with everything .
26 After the initial impetus has run out , he wrote , and before one has got in so far that it is easier to finish than to go back , it is then that it becomes hard to be sure of your footing , hard to know why you are doing what you are doing , hard to know if you are doing correctly what you are doing .
27 That it is like the mind itself .
28 The idea that it is happening elsewhere prevalent in our lives .
29 After all the doubts and uncertainties , wrote Harsnet , most of which I did not admit to myself , or else tried to pretend were an integral part of the project , sense now that it is on its way .
30 Be very clear , he wrote : I do not feel that it is time and thought wasted because the end result is less than I had hoped .
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