Example sentences of "[that] i do " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Or is it only that I do n't understand why as a consequence of being a mere male ? ’
2 It 's got so bad that I do n't even know what to say . ’
3 I have this urge to snow you my childhood stamp collection , just that I do n't have one .
4 My biggest comment on football is that I do n't like Sunderland … or Gazza ( Gascoigne ) .
5 Nevertheless , Hirsch responded that ( apart from a phrase which I have elided ) , ‘ There is not a single one of these platitudes that I do n't subscribe to wholeheartedly … ‘ .
6 I am afraid that I must say frankly that I do not think I can open the columns of the Q.R. — at any rate , at present — to any one associated publicly with such a publication as Blast .
7 ‘ It 's not that I do n't want to say anything but I just do n't know what to say , ’ John Ryan , the Welsh coach , sighed .
8 However , I confess that I do not believe a party , any more than the society which it serves , can fail to suffer if it knowingly allows institutions to fall more and more out of correspondence with contemporary needs .
9 Also , I am a bit older than the rest of you , but you can perhaps understand that I do n't want to drop dead without a proper and public recantation .
10 The other thing that is important is that I do n't think you can get anything on the cheap .
11 The taxi driver speaks no English and I spend a fraught moment or two wondering whether he has understood that I do n't want to go to Keflavik , but after the shorter tour of Reykjavik we arrive .
12 It 's not that I do n't try — I do .
13 He stared into his brandy and then , rather sourly for such a charming man , said , ‘ I 'm afraid that I do n't quite follow you , Bodo . ’
14 THIS is such a delicious offering , of the kind that makes you chuckle in recollection on the way home , that I do not really want to give the game away by saying too much about what goes on .
15 But I got ta tell you that I do n't like it .
16 He probably could have argued that I do n't belong in these clubs either , because I have n't got a soul/funk background .
17 ‘ And just who dares to say that I do n't look after my son properly ?
18 The only things I think about are calorie-counting and weighing myself , and making sure that I do n't put on the weight I 've lost , and passing my O levels .
19 It 's true that I do n't fancy John any more .
20 On the other hand , most of the political and commercial conferences that I do are either for presentation on television of important policies or for discussion and debate on serious issues .
21 ‘ And as for the idea that I am being some how manipulated all I can say is that I do n't know about the other girls but I have been in a similar industry — television , for the last couple of years and now I know how it works .
22 ‘ Now that I do n't see much of Ian there 's no one to call me Floss anymore .
23 The issue is philosophical , but it is so central to the analysis of behaviour that I do not think it can be avoided .
24 As a member of the ‘ shadow board ’ of the Football League , with whom the Professional Footballers ' Association have no quarrel , propriety demands that I do not take sides in the dispute between the Premier League and the PFA .
25 It is just that I do n't know what the man will do .
26 That I do n't always feel up to … the way I used to .
27 ‘ It 's not that I do n't care .
28 I 'll tell you something , Dr. Briant , I do n't know why I put up with you and your arrogant ways , that I do n't !
29 ‘ I am afraid that I do not understand ! ’ he exclaimed .
30 ‘ I imagine so ; there was certainly a big turnover … perhaps the answer to that question ought to be that I do not know .
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