Example sentences of "[that] i [adv] " in BNC.

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1 I was so surprised that I involuntarily pulled up slightly and I passed over him before I could get him in my gunsight again .
2 I prayed that God would protect them , now that I no longer could , and that he would bring them close to him too .
3 ‘ I am writing to tell you that I no longer believe in God or consider myself a Christian . ’
4 Recently though , I have become less depressed with the help of antidepressants and I 've realised that I no longer want to be ill .
5 The best I could do would be to say ‘ I like peaches better ’ , but quite apart from the logical objection to deriving ‘ Choose the peach ’ from this psychological statement , reliance on a generalization about my preference could get me into a habit which would dim my awareness of the tastes , until I fail to notice that I no longer like peaches as much as I did , or that at this moment I hanker after a pear , so that the abortive try at rationalization would make my choice less intelligent .
6 ‘ I cried a lot coming out of my teens , ’ says Charlotte , now 22 , ‘ because I realised that I no longer had an excuse to play out the role of mother 's beloved charge .
7 All this meant that I no longer felt personally responsible for separatism .
8 I feel it is important that you , your readers and the tennis public should know that I no longer take part in any decision making relating to the business of the company or the centre and therefore I take no responsibility , for either the success or failure of Junior Tennis Centre Ltd nor Sutton Junior Tennis Centre .
9 I found that I no longer felt for Jean-Claude but for myself .
10 I forgot my circumstances talking to her , that I no longer had power to help , that in a few hours I 'd be gone , and I said , ‘ Of course I 'd love to visit you , I 'd be honoured .
11 But I have to say that I no longer believe .
12 It had dawned on me that not only was I leaving the comfortingly familiar surroundings of primary school but that I no longer had any influence whatsoever on the other pupils at the school which I had had before but I was to be demoted to ‘ the annoying first year ’ .
13 So , you see , little Miss Ellie Browne with an ‘ E ’ , why I decided that I no longer wish to put it down to experience . ’
14 It is a condition that has so worsened over the years that I no longer dare perform introductions I simply mumble ’ You two must know each other ’ and leave them to sort it out .
15 Right , now will let m l Let me ask you where you are going then as far as the Party 's own constitution is concerned , we saw a development , a significant development that I no doubt you would say at the Labour Party conference er er down in Brighton , but not withstanding O M O B the trade unions still have one third of the votes in the selection of the leader of the party , seventy percent say on policy matters at conference , there is still a trade union block vote .
16 My own reaction , as the latest sickening episode even exceeds in depravity and licentiousness the grossness of the last one , is that I no longer wish to be associated with a UK Government which is so lacking in moral leadership , compassion , wisdom and humanity that it can allow such a situation to continue to exist , while having the capacity to intervene .
17 That I no longer believe that the government has a majority for this measure .
18 I would just like to say that I neither support nor oppose him . ’
19 My book of personal stresses was examined and discussed , and it was revealed that I neither loved myself , nor saw myself as at all worthwhile or even worthy .
20 And it occurred to me that I neither knew how many the family owned nor how difficult mine would be to replace .
21 The request that you have done me the honour to make , to receive the record of my voice , is one that I cheerfully comply with so far as lies in my power ; though I lament to say that the voice which I transmit to you is only the relic of an organ the employment of which has been overstrained .
22 Had we sold our house two years ago , we 'd have certainly made an offer on a property that I later realised was quite unsuitable .
23 Nothing that I later ate in a restaurant was as good as our dinner , the finale being a ‘ tender coconut ’ pudding , a dish I had never eaten anywhere in the tropics .
24 He used some such expression in the text of an unpublished essay that I later found at Harvard .
25 On the walls were small pieces of wood that I later learned were the sculptures of one of Signe 's ex-boyfriends .
26 I just told him that I badly needed five hundred pounds . "
27 The result is that I rarely hear students chatting about science — it would simply take too long to formulate a question and answer .
28 This would be the day that I finally cracked the North Shore .
29 But it was only when I punched through the thick , creamy crest and the rainbow mist cleared from my eyes that I finally gave up all hope .
30 I can see this now , yet it was not until nearly ten years after I became a Christian that I finally faced the issue that whatever other influences had been involved in my conversion ( such as my family and friends and the work of God in my life ) there was a sense in which the decision to believe was entirely my responsibility .
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