Example sentences of "[that] i know " in BNC.

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1 Not that I wish to say , he wrote , that everything is inevitable , on the contrary , I wish to assert emphatically that nothing is inevitable and nothing was inevitable , neither what I did nor what I thought , neither what I felt nor what I suffered , yet everything was necessary , a necessary beginning and necessary Harsnet ( typed Goldberg ) is misleading , since it was only after I had begun that I knew I had begun , while before I had begun , before the 27 July 1967 , there was no beginning , as there was no end , there was no time and there was no freedom from time , only endless cups of coffee , endless cups of tea , endless biscuits and endless bacon sandwiches .
2 Though it has to be said , he wrote , and Goldberg , his eye racing down the page covered in his friend 's tiny handwriting , paused to sip from the glass of fresh orange-juice at his side , wiped his forehead and went on typing , it has to be said that I have occasionally had the illusion that I knew what step to take first and even , occasionally , what step to take second , I will not talk about a third .
3 The difference is that I knew what I wanted and he did not .
4 my pain is that I knew you
5 I fancied that I knew what he was thinking ; much like what Jack would have thought .
6 That I knew ,
7 They were things that you took to enhance your experience and to make it more intense — to make your personal development became part of your life , It was a very high-minded approach and when one looks at what has happened to the drug scene today and one looks back to the prevailing attitudes at the time , one can see the absolute , total abhorrence among drug takers that I knew in those days of amphetamines , heroin , barbiturates , mandrax — all those things that had an adverse physical effect which were considered to by highly dangerous to one 's personal development and to one 's daily living .
8 With things like art nouveau and Edwardian furniture , when David started buying them , I went and got books to get my act together in order that I knew what he was into , but with drugs , I did n't know , added to which David was very secretive and for a long time I was n't aware that he was having a problem , not necessarily from cocaine addiction , which everybody loves to tell you is not addictive , but it is in terms of the fact that you rely on feeling up to cope — you just become more and more paranoid .
9 It is an autumnal sign and one in which the ‘ balance ’ might be tipped one way or another , and in sexuality could hover between male and female , with one sexual scale dipping then the other rising obediently and almost passively , distantly , independently , in an alternation of identities and desires that I knew so well .
10 Yet it was then that I knew why I had come , for just distinguishable to me against the background of reciting voices , I heard my own voice .
11 The difference between the way we saw life as young people — especially the amoral attitude to sex — and the conventional way of portraying it on screen was so great that I knew we were on the verge of a big change .
12 You , who wanted me to enter you on the same night , with the same sound still in my head , a sound that I knew I had somehow , somewhere , heard before .
13 There was but a touch of the harsh , ironic but humorous Ulster accent that I knew , in the tones of his speech .
14 Not that I knew any foreigners , though I recall thinking that there were two kinds .
15 He had heard that I knew Robert W. Service and felt it would be a ‘ good idea ’ if they could get Service to fly up and formally open the new building .
16 It was only later that I dared to approach the nurse who did the dispensing and whisper in her ear that I knew nothing of Bach Remedies and would she please enlighten me .
17 I lay rigid , willing myself into the exhausted stupor that I knew was there waiting to engulf me again .
18 Instead , now that I knew where she was living , I contacted my solicitors and instructed them to start divorce proceedings .
19 Did n't happen any town that I knew of except London and I can understand why they did it in London — very expensive place for a young detective to make a shape — cost too much money keeping in front of your job there .
20 During my time as a gamekeeper it was essential that I knew the precise location of all these extended burrows .
21 The fact that I knew it was wicked to expose my smooth bare slit gave me a feeling both of pleasure and of power , never vocalised .
22 Also , my brother was such a good trumpet player that I knew I would never be as good as he was , so there was that in there too : like , ‘ God , I do n't really want follow in this guy 's footsteps . ' ’
23 I was shaken by its totality , its danger — here was a being that I knew I would die for without hesitation .
24 The wind was high when I knocked at her door , and I heard a voice from within that I knew not what to make of , though it sounded like the lullaby of a Mother to her Baby .
25 ‘ I was shocked in the sense that I knew what inspectors could do , but I was n't worried because I thought they were just wasting their time . ’
26 The antithesis between the modern-day racing car and the Stone Age circuit was such that I knew every driver was taking his life in his hands in the most ludicrous degree . ’
27 ‘ It was at that place I told you about that I knew him , ’ he said to Lili .
28 We were expected to follow the lessons in our Bibles , with the result that I knew my way about the Bible very competently .
29 I had made a start in Burmese at the School of Oriental Languages in London , going up from Stepney for a weekly lesson , so I could read haltingly and use a score or more greetings and questions , which deceived the kindly village people into thinking that I knew more than I did , with the result that an opening sentence of mine would elicit a whole string of Burmese from which I would only pick up a word or two .
30 As for the old houses , there were none in the immediate area that I knew of , other than these which had been built as a nostalgic memento , as a reminder , as a gift both to himself and his family from a man who must have known innately that in discarding the past his people were in danger of losing their touchstone .
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