Example sentences of "[that] i [vb mod] " in BNC.

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1 I found myself thinking affectionately that I ought to be straightforward with him ; the English liked that .
2 I have something very important that I ought to do . ’
3 ‘ I like to think I 'm a good loser , but I do n't like being cheated out of something that I ought to have won , ’ he said .
4 ‘ I like to think I 'm a good loser , but I do n't like being cheated out of something that I ought to have won , ’ he said .
5 Stepping carefully over the gutter , Gonzalo remarked that I ought to wear a coat like he did .
6 If a personal creditor of the heir has been sent into possession in order to protect his property , and has obtained an object left under trust to me , it is agreed that I ought not to be prejudiced by him in any way ; no more than if he had received that object as a pledge from the heir himself .
7 I had told Ron , who was with me in Rome , that I had n't seen the point in attending the practice , but he had persuaded me that I ought to attend .
8 He said make-up was all very well for some people , but he hated to see it on girls who were n't the right type — implying I suppose , that I ought to wear woollen stockings and teach in a Sunday school !
9 Some of my friends have been frightened into no longer wanting to smoke , others have faced the facts but are reconciled to being fonder of smoking than they are afraid of cancer , but I myself yield to the temptation to smoke although convinced that I ought to abstain .
10 What is called the ‘ moral sense ’ is on this account being able to recognize that if , even against my present will , I let myself become aware of how someone in trouble feels , I would be moved to help , and that I ought not to close myself to this awareness .
11 That does not excuse the fact that I ought to have found out otherwise . ’
12 He rang off and I realised that I ought to leave shortly since Jack was due to tee off at midday .
13 In 1980 , coming back from a hospital in the States where I had been told that I ought to have an operation ( interestingly on my throat — it was as though all the tension caused by what I could not say was caught up there ) , I saw that I had to be free of this .
14 ' ’ I have a feeling that I ought to sit back — one chooses too often — that the next move is not up to me . ’
15 The answer seems to be — persons who are so closely and directly affected by my act that I ought reasonably to have them in contemplation as being so affected when I am directing my mind to the acts or omissions which are called into question . ’
16 My Lords , having drafted this speech , I then had the pleasure and advantage of reading in draft the speech to be delivered by my noble and learned friend , Lord Browne-Wilkinson , and concluded that I ought to refer to the company fraud cases which were canvassed before your Lordships , lest it be thought that the Reg. v. Morris [ 1984 ] A.C. 320 statement of principle is inconsistent with a proper approach to such cases .
17 learn my trade that I ought to stay here and put something back into the industry again .
18 I supposed that I ought to have brought the Ghost down too , but the priority had been to save myself from what seemed like imminent electrocution .
19 I was caught in a group near the door and it took me some time to realise that I ought to be looking at the pictures , since that was why we were there .
20 " Dr. Lorrimer — he 's the Principal Scientific Officer in charge of the Biology Department — says that I ought to work for an A-level subject and try for a job as an Assistant Scientific Officer .
21 Dr. Lorrimer told me that I ought to find out all I can and not just look on this job as routine . "
22 Well perhaps this is a good time just to take stock and to say I know that I 'm not all that I should be and all that I ought to be , but by this time next year I 'm going to be a bit better than I am just now , in spiritual terms .
23 ‘ Only that I ought to ask some of my old friends , people like Madeleine Corley , if I could be allowed to join them , but …
24 He was also sure that I ought to mug up as much as I could about Italy .
25 I used to think that I ought to do everything and then at least I could n't blame myself for not having done enough .
26 It was after this debacle that a number of Conservatives came and told me that I ought to consider coming forward as a leader of the Party and a potential Prime Minister .
27 And and the final thing that that that I ought to say is is that i if i it has a hangover to what 's going to be said later today .
28 Well again that may be that erm the evidence will be such that I think that I ought to erm give the decision on it .
29 ‘ I still feel that I ought to — ’
30 But against that , although I know that he 'd took three or four very good jobs that I ought to have had , but he was a very , very good detective , a hard working inspector .
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